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A-Nerd-Lysing: Far Cry 5


So I'm going to try and do something dumb, it's less than 1 day till the Far Cry 5 official reveal and well I'm going to try and pull what I can from the single image we've been given to try and work out more details.

 Well more details than are instantly obvious as clearly a there's going to be a super religious survivalist cult style thing as part of the theme. But what else can the cover tell us?

Prepare yourself to go in deep because damn there's some obscure or less obvious bits to spot.

So let's start with the more obvious and work down to the more obscure now some of the things might tell us more and others I have no suggestion as to what they mean if anything at all.

So first of all there's actually 8 people at behind the table not 7.


See people will have likely missed the pair of arms reaching in from the side. Now it's possible that combined with the girls wedding dress that (and this is a wild stab in the dark) this is a game which could involve the protagonist being taken to meet his wife's in-laws, having not met them before only for her to turn out to have been brainwashed by a cult determine to have him join. It's possible based on the way the arms are reaching out it could be the character the audience plays as (because why show who the player will be as he's often the least important aspect). It does at least suggest that the arm belong to her husband.

The next thing to note is the fact one of the presumably villains has dog tags round his neck.


This is going to combine with something later on to form a bizarre theory.

Carrying on from that well played Ubisoft for even taking the piss out of yourselves with this little background feature.


Yes a Radio tower.

Moving on and onto something I'm still questioning the significance of if there is any. Or if it's just a coincidence but why does the dog have the flag of Saint George the patron saint of England seemingly painted on his face?


Next point of interest the suspiciously placed quite fresh raw meat and the bottle of alcohol. Now I this is highly unlikely but the idea of cannibalistic red neck cults isn't exactly new and combine it with the religious imagery and well they're already supposedly eating the body and drinking the blood of Christ so could they be doing it with other people too?


 Following on from looking at the beer I looked at the beer label and this is the second baffling thing that I can really figure out but why does the label look very much like the Rolling Stones band logo?


 Onto the final part and the part I teased earlier that links to the dog tags and may give a lot of details. The airplane in the background. So firstly it's clearly and old prop plane and this got me wondering and looking round. Looking until by purse chance I stumbled onto a potential match. The P-51D Mustang. Normally used as a bomber plane but importantly it's a North American prop driven plane whose default paint job is a yellow nose on the propella and fits the same profile..... yes I went that deep.


 So how does this link to the dog tag? Well the last time the P-51D Mustang was used was during the Korean War which could indicate the kind of time frame for the game being set not long after the Korean war.

Either way from just this image alone I'm actually looking forward to finding out more and possibly playing Far Cry 5 in the future as handled well it could be an interesting setting. Oh and you'll get to find out if any of my nonsense was right very soon too.

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