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Retrospective of DOOM (1993)


Released in time for the holiday season of 1993, Doom began as a revolutionary introduction to first person shooters with loads of personality from parent developer, iD software, that would ignite a new generation of gamers. Along with including our first look at headshots, this Dungeons & Dragons inspired video game was originally a promotional piece for James Cameron’s “Aliens.” Due to licensing issues, it never came to pass but this rootin’-tootin’ space shooter did take a cue from a word dropped during “The Color Of Money” scene where Tom Cruise incites fear into the opponent by saying his cue box has “doom” in there. The game when it did come out was so popular, it ran circles around Windows 95 as far as who downloaded what more. This led to Bill Gates appearing in a commercial promoting the game, inside the game whilst shooting game enemies incorrectly by holding the barrel of the gun with both hands. To make the crossover from MS-DOS to Windows 95 seamless, future Valve founder Gabe Newell commandeered as the chief engineer. There wasn’t so much leeway for the original though. The team that developed the game was small and had nine months and project “raycasting” type of graphics into the game, to perfect the pseudo-3D graphics. Fun facts about the team; they all had it in for John Romero. So much so, that they took a jpeg of the lead designer’s head and stuck it on a stake, bleeding. This eventually caught his eye to where he playfully inserted an audio clip backwards, saying a demonic version of “To beat this game you must kill me, John Romero!” Strangely, nobody got fired from that instance, but Tom Hall, who wrote the backstories of “Doom” in a PDF file called the DOOM Bible. But nonetheless, this paved the way for more developer pranks, the creation of the ESRB, a ban in Germany and the continuation of one of the most revered FPS horror games the industry has ever seen. And when you play this game, it always feels like the Holidays have arrived.

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