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My Favorite Games Are Me, And Here's Why


Hey there. Glad you can join me for another piece. Today, I'd like to highlight my favorite games, what they say about me, why I consider them that, and a cute lil personal story. It will go paragraph by paragraph, with each paragraph being dedicated to one of my 10 games. It'll start from the bottom, and move forward to the next one until I each my favorite of all time.  I'll try to keep them short, but just know, this is a long read. But hopefully, I hold your attention to the end. And post your favorites in the comments, or some thoughts on my choices!! And remeber, the navi is a lie. 

Fire Emblem Fates: Birthright is my tenth favorite game of all time. Fire Emblem is an important series to me. It's a body of wonderful and amazing stories, characters and skill. I love strategy games, and I always have. Fire Emblem was always an attractive series to me. My first exposure to it was in Super Smash Brothers Melee, and it took me until Fates, to get my hands on one. And dear god, I am happy I did. It was my favorite, and I have so many hours into. It really touches my love of fantasy and characters. Characters are important to me, and being able to micro manage relationships and people's skills makes me so giddy. Now for a lil story. My favorite unit is Kaze. He is a bad ass ninja. And I decided to grind him to the point where he could literally one hit crit everyone. So, I decided that he'll basically always bind him to my avatar, and we were the most bad ass team of all time. And we conquered everyone in our way. 

Undertale is my ninth favorite game of all time, for so many reasons. The amazing music, the intriguing characters, the amazing atmosphere, the social commentary, but my favorite and many probably others favorite, is the pacifist system and story. I love games that explore moral theories. And even when I was a young gamer watching my stepdad play Final Fantasy X, I would say "why not just make friends?" And then when I discovered this game, I was hooked. I also love indie games, and I consider Toby Fox one of my heroes. I have hundereds of hours into this game, I've beaten every kind of playthrough. This game shows how much I just want to be friends with everyone. It's hard for me not to be nice and this game brings that out in me. I would try to be friends with the people who try to kill me. For this one's cute strory it involves the genocide run. I did not want to do it, and my little brother hated me so much for doing it. He tried to watch me, but he literally could not do it. It was too much. We just loved the characters too much. And when I beat it, he wouldn't talk to me for a few days. But then, we just played another pacifist run. 

Pokemon FireRed is my eighth favorite game of all time. I love Pokemon way too much. It is addicting. And that was what appealed to me. The collecting and the battling. I loved it. I loved it so much when I picked it up at 7, and I still love it so much now. It is impossible to not dump hundreds and hundreds of hours into it, they're just so fun. And I've made so many friends from it. My best friend Robert and I both preoreded Sun and Moon (he got sun, I got Moon, becuase I'm edgy) and would walk to our local Game Stop almost everyday to put more money on it, buy Pokemon cards, play Pokemon Go, and talk about the newest news from the game. Pokemon is more than a game series to me. It's a major part of my life. 

The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask is my seventh favorite game of all time. Zelda is an extremly important series to me. I grew up with it and it helped form my tastes. I beat the original NES Zelda with my grandfather through the Vitural Console on the Wii Shop. It was great. But Majora's Mask is my favorite game. It is because it is the most inventive and they took the most risks in the series with it (until BOTW). It's dark tone was something rare in this series (until Twilight Princess, which I do not like). It's timer and time travel systems are unique and I love it. 

Portal is my sixth favorite game of all time. I love science. The mix of art and science is a reason I love video games and want to make them. And Portal is such an amazing game because of this. It is a simple puzzle game made great by its mechanics. The portal gun is so much fun to use. The puzzles are satisfying, my favorites being the physics ones where you have to jump off something and shot a portal higher up to fling yourself across the air. The story takes a back seat, and is still wonderful. You are guided by the sarcastic AI Glados. She is so funny, and I quote her nearly daily. Now, you might wonder why I don't have it's more story driven Portal 2, which I do love as well. But I prefer the first for a few reasons. For one, I've played it more. I've beaten it about 7 times, and I've loved each playthrough. Also, I find the puzzles harder and more satisyfing. And even though it is far more simple, I love the more tight, mysterious and open ended story of the first. And my username is even a refrence to it!!

Binding of Isaac:Rebirth is my fifth favorite game of all time. This is the same I might have the most hours in, next to the number three slot. It is one of the tightest games I have ever played controls wise. I love it's story so so much. I love everything it has to say about religon. The boss and monster designs make me grin ear to ear. I've spent so many hours in the dungeons of Isaac. My friends and I all had it on our school issued laptops, and there was many a class that was spent playing this game rather than paying attention. And I don't regret it even a bit. 

 Resident Evil 4 is my fith favorite game of all time. This is a perfect game. It's story is engaging. It's shooting is tight. It's AI is great. It's atmosphere is superb. It's main character, Leon is one of my favorites.  I love this game so very much. I recommend it to all my friends and anyone who wants to play a top notch horror game. This is one of the only games I had to pause because it made me jump so bad. Those dogs. Those goddamn dogs. The little things also make it amazing. The sliding difficulty makes the gameplay feel more fluid. Having to keep an eye on Ashley makes the gameplay even more stressful, but in the best way. Each boss fight is unique and great. And yes, I know it was the game that added lots more of the action elements, and I do also adore RE2, but this game is just better to me. I find it more creative and just scary. Horr is one of my favorite genres for all media, and this is right alongside John Carpenter's classics and Stephen King's novels. Oh and how can you not love the Merchant?

Chrono Trigger is my third favorite game of all time. This is one that's a newer pick, because I knew I loved it, but everytime I pick it up again I love it more. Let's start off with the characters and story. This is what video game storytelling should be like. It has thirteen different endings, which are affected by how you reach and beat the last fight of the games. I am also a huge sucker for time travel. And this game has it and it's done so well. Each different era you travel to is different and unique. They really create amazing worlds. The characters are incredible. I'll just say one name: Frog. I love Frog. He's so great. Don't get me wrong the other characters are so great and intresting and you will make a relationship with each of them. Another thing I love about Chrono Trigger is it's combat. I've played tons of JRPGs and this combat system is my favorite. The combo techs. are just so damn satisfying and fun. It doesn't use a random encounter system, so you can actually see the enemies you are going to fight. That's the next thing I'll talk about, it's look. Akira Toriyama was the producer and did lots of art for it. The models look very Dragon Ball, and I love it. I just love this game so damn much. The music by Nobuo Uemastu is so incredible. I love JRPGs so much, and along with their Western counterpart FPSs, and horror, they are my favorite genre for games. And this is my favorite JRPG. If you haven't played it, do it right now. I've played through 4 different times, and it was something my stepdad and I bonded over. 

Doom is my second favorite game of all time. I love the FPS genre and this the grandaddy of them all. It's a game my dad told me he used to play and it latched onto me like a parasite. Doom's maps are permanently ingraved in my mind. I can beat any map from it quickly. Its sci fi horr aesthetic is like candy to me. It's badass metal inspired soundtrack is something I still jam out to alongside my Slayer and Amon Amarth. I adore the world it is set in and it's monsters are my obsessions. This is a game I will always play, even just for fiv minutes because it is that damn fun. I play lots of RPGs, and when I get bored with those, I'll play a few maps of this on ultra violence to get the blood pumping again and then go back to whatever RPG I was playing before, stronger from that ogriginal Doom high. And while the first one is my favorite, I can't talk about this without this without talking about it's newest iteration. I've gone back to it over and over and I've played some of it's maps on repeat. It's just so damn addictive. But the orginial is the second best game ever to me. Put together amazing monsters, top notch shooting, awesome refrences, and a sweet ass soundtrack, you have a good fucking game. 

Skyrim is my favorite game of all time. It is not perfect, but it is to me with it's imperfections. I love fantasy. I love it so much. D&D, Lord of the Rings and Conan are some of my obsessions and this game is right along side those. I love dragons, and this game has some the best ones. I love the weapons. I love the armor. I absolutely love the lore. I said it before, but this feels like living in a D&D world I would've created and I love it so much. I've loved it since I first saw it. I could make another 11 paragraph blog just made up of stories from this game. But one of my favorite is the first time I beat a dungeon and texting all my friends about it and them telling me their stories. Or how freaked out I got when I met the first spider and how basdass I felt when I saw that glorious slow mo stab. I love this game so much. Soon, I'll write an even longer blog about why this game means so much to me. But until then, I'm going to go on a few more quests and live in my favorite fictional land, Skyrim.

- thanks for reading my thing

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