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Is Nintendo About To Let Switch Users Transfer Save Files Via SD Cards?!?





While moving some screenshots from my Nintendo Switch over to PC, I noticed a peculiar folder titled “save” had been created on my SD card.


 It only contained two files with a bunch of numbers.


Does this mean that we’re going to be able to transfer save data on Nintendo Switch via SD card through some incoming system update?!?  I can’t say for certain but, it certainly does look that way……



Some folks might be wondering if it might have to do with the eshop’s new ability to store credit card info, but that’s extremely unlikely.  From what I’ve been able to gather, there are regulations in place (PCI-DSS Compliance) that prevent companies from saving card info on the system itself.

Still, I did take the time to prepare a “before and after” of the file in question when saving my credit card info to the eshop.  The folders remain identical.  I figured as much, but I thought it was worth checking out just in case.

Obviously, this is just speculation.  I’m hardly an expert on this kind of stuff.  If you have any information you’d like to add, please, feel free to drop some knowledge on my ignorant ass!  However, from my current point of view, this data looks highly suspect.  

Considering Nintendo’s expectations that quite a few households will own more than one Switch, the possibility does seem pretty likely.  A cloud save would be great too (I could see this happening once the online service starts costing money…), but this would be a fantastic feature nonetheless! 


[I live in constant fear that some terrible circumstance will rob me of my precious Breath of the Wild save file!  Over 80hrs of my life just gone like it’s nothing.....]  



I must reiterate that this is all just speculation.  I have no idea what this “save” folder actually does.  I’m just stating the facts as they appear to me.  For all I know, Nintendo is just taunting me and is going to crush all of my hopes the first chance that they get.




What do you think?  Is Nintendo prepping for a future Switch system update featuring save data transfer, or am I just an ignorant ass?  

[Note: These two things are not necessarily mutually exclusive...] 




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