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Oh Boyo It's Been A While


Hello fellow Dtoiders. I feel like I have some explaing to do. So let's do it. 

So I didn't update for a while. And when I did I would just say I'm going to write more. It wasn't really cool. But I was so insanely busy for so long. I have a girlfriend now. Shes's really great. I get smiley when I think about her and she supports me and makes me laugh and I love her. She makes me happier than anyone else ever has. I also had to go to group therapy afterschool everyday. It's down to three days now which gives me more time to be here and do the things I enjopy. Also, I am nearing the end of the year for school. So that means that I have lots of work. But this also good because I'll have more time to play video games, watch anime, draw and write. So more writing will be here from me, simply because I'll have more time to get behind the computer and write. I want to review a video game a week. I want to write some things about game design. I want to write about my own personal thoughts and stories. So more is coming, and I'd be excited. 

To be frank, I've missed you guys. I miss this amazing group of people. I need a community again. When a new month comes, I make lots of goals. And my goal is 3 qposts everyday and at 3 cblogs a week. I will do that. I promise. I had a bump in the road but I'm back. And I'm excited. I'm excited that I'm here again. I'm happier and I'm ready to talk to you guys and be here more. But I wanted to open this up to you guys. What do you want to see? Any advice for me? Anything that I've done that you would liek to be seen done differently? My favorite part of this website is the interaction with you guys. And if you ever want to chat, shoot me a PM. But yeah. Hope that things have been good. Make sure to smile and remember things will get better. If there's anything I've learned from the past few months, it's that being happy does make you feel good. If you're in a good mood, the things around you will seem better. So play some good games, listen to some good music, eat good food, talk to good frineds and always keep your head up. Do the things that make you happy and don't let anyone stop you. Because your happiness is what's most important. People will misunderstand but you just have to keep going. You'll do whatever your dreams are as long as you work at it. And the work might be hard and you might just want to stop but you can do it. I know you can. And things will always get better, no matter how bad they seem. But yeah. Sorry for the random burst of positivity but I just think it might help someone. I don't know. Thanks for reading this word mess. There will be more soon. Adios. 

- thanks for reading my thing

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