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Playing hooky: Back in the day!


Back in the day, 1998, i was 15. I pre ordered Ocarina of Time for my n64 about a month in advance, and was counting the days, hours, minutes and seconds down!

With the release date being a Friday if I remember rightly, It came as a total surprise to find a brown box stuffed through my letter box first thing MONDAY morning! A whole 4 days before release!!! 4!!!!!

I can still remember the heart palpitations; the sweaty palms; and my complete breathlessness as I tore through the brown box.
Knowing exactly what was inside by the size, shape and weight.
I WAS RIGHT!!.. Of course I was right!
I'll never forget that warm, fuzzy glow. The kind of, all encompassing, wrapped up in a duvet feeling I'd imaging heroin to be the first time, before being the high you're forever chasing.

I lifted that beautiful, whimsical, mysterious black box, with symbolic gold detail, above my head, imagining all the adventure and magic within, and gave out the most satisfying "YEEEESSSSSS" EVER!! And I mean EVER EVER!
To this day, I swear,... the box itself made the Zelda noise!

I love you

Anyway, I hadn't planned for this. I'd planned to skip school Friday, that deal was struck! But it was Monday!... Monday?!

This, my friends, was my first step into taking responsibility for my own life. My own choices. My own path to tread. I'm the decider of my own destiny! I can juggle things to suit my own needs and desires and catch up through will and determination!!

So i skipped the whole week off school... And then another!

4 weeks later I had to goto hospital to have my tonsils removed as a precaution as the doctors didn't know what was up with me :s

I've never told my mum this.

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