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Master Click Baiter: 3ing into the reservoir


So 3rd one of these. For those who've not read one of these before simple premise I create a load of fake headlines from fake sites in order to try and actually predict the potential future sensationalist titles and deliberately agitatory articles before they happen.

Oh and before anyone says anything yes I do know there's a Porygon Twitter account I didn't copy the idea from there as I didn't know about it before doing the first one of these.

So I had to get in fast with this one as in terms of potential for it to become real are, I'd say, the highest. I mean having a female character is for some stupid reason now almost always contentious and well having one called fury is almost asking for trouble and claims of stereotyping or some claim of some super secret underlying hidden agenda and message in it. Plus it's not making some huge enough statement and if Aloy can get criticised for being too normatively beautiful then I expect someone to throw it at Fury.


Inpired in part by a recent Huffington Post kerfuffle I couldn't help but wonder if at some point some publication in gaming would go quite so over the top and well you never know, especially with apparently released information on the sales demographics for the Nintendo Switch and large disparity between male and female purchasers. 

Not everyone is a fan of the police and it's possibly only a matter of time before one publication decides to clai Overwatch is being exclusionary by including the police. I mean Tumblr is already getting on that quite a bit.

War games don't tend to go down too well and I just felt that with all the calls for companies to take stands etc it'd only be a matter of time before people turned their attention to Call Of Duty and demanded it be the change leading the way and trying to make it so "Gamers" get "educated" or something like that.

Finally because it was requested (and this is by far the hardest one to write by the way because the real stories have in the past go far beyond the point of sanity) here's one more that's joinning this roster of my own fake news.

Look I don't think companies like this even know Darksiders exists but you never know they might pick up on it and get mad because "IT's NOT LIKE THE BIBLE SAYS". I have a possibly better idea for the next time I do this one but by the time I came up wth it I'd already finished this one.

So see you next time 

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