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Fairplay Achievement Points for Xbox Live games, a good idea?

Its no mistake. Buying my 360 has opened up to me, a world of online games. I would have them enjoyed on PC, if my PC was up to spec and the gaming variety there too. I love my 360 for this, and dare I say it applaud MS for a good service.

Its just past my first year since I got my 360 and in that time, I've had tons of fun online and made a lot of friends, out of total strangers. However, one of the most off putting things with playing online on Live, has to do with disrespect and abuse from other gamers along with bad treatment of new players.

It seems that the majority of those gamers out there on Live, have little patience for so called 'newbs' or encouraging people to continue playing online. How easily and quickly, they forget what its like to be learning to play a game online, as they once did. This I find to be a real shame, because MS have gone out of their way to build a community of gamers. When I find myself playing Gears of War etc online and I have new players on my team, I do my best to encourage them to continue playing and teach them what I know about whatever we are playing, so they can have fun too. However, it seems there's an elite group and an amatuer group of gamers, and few people are this nice to help others.

Building a community and maintaining it, in part is done by all of us gamers, who purchase 360s and sign up for that Live account. So here's my suggestion for MS to consider, next time they plan on updating Live. Have a new system of what I call 'fairplay achievement points' added to Live for all online games. Those seasoned players who encourage new players and help teach them a game, can receive Fairplay points. Those who don't quit out on Live games, (especially in ranked games), without telling another player etc, when they are about to loose, will receive the same (learn to loose gracefully, dammit). These points could twisted to other things if needed by developers.

By doing this, we'd hopefully keep people playing as well as inviting new players, and thus maintaining the Live community and fun of gaming. These points could be special as they could appear on your gamertag. In return, hopefully we'd get less angry gamers who pick on new Live gamers, as well as a better fairer field of play and hopefully more fun. Beware, those who use hacks and cheats will be dealt harshly.

So, do you like the idea of fairplay points? If you do, pass it onto MS. Let me know what you think.
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