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Where's Master System Classic Mini?


So the Internet is again ablaze with discussion over a rumour involving Nintendo, more specifically the SNES Classic Mini and not the "Switch Mini".

SNES Classic Mini isn't a system I want. NES Classic Mini wasn't the device I wanted most. AtGames' Megadrive systems, even if they were solid (which they're not) products, I wouldn't want that much.

Why? Aren't those the systems oh so many people like to recall when they think of their golden youth, with this and that game that the system would have?

True. But that's not why I got myself an Atari Flashback, despite its issues. I got that because I wanted to experience Atari 2600 games for the first time in my life, even if the controllers are awful. The same with ZX Spectrum Vega: I had never in my life played a ZX Spectrum game. (Sure, I still haven't played an Amstrad CPC, but I did touch one in the 80s/90s.)

If there is a Mini system I'd want, it's Sega Master System Mini (or PC-Engine Classic Mini, but that'd probably be handled by Konami and is all too unlikely regardless). As long as it's in English (instead of Portuguese like Tectoy's), works in Europe (unlike Tectoy's) and not made by AtGames, unless they really step up their game, starting with replacing the composite output with HDMI.

I played Master System for the first time in 2016. Earlier, I had seen it at one person's place in the 1990s. I may get this wrong, but SMS was a proper contender for NES in Europe, if I am to trust various YouTube videos. Yet I'm drawing pretty much a blank on that part of video game history. And as it is, that's something I wouldn't mind rectifying.

The sad thing is that I don't see a good SMS Mini happening. It's a better business decision to focus on the systems that have retained a large fanbase all the way until today. Plus I'd rather see the controllers not be 100% accurate to the originals, since the original D-pad was nothing short of abysmal. That kills what remains of the nostalgia factor most effectively, like all-too-short controller cords.

I imagine that for now, the best option would be to get SMS games on Wii U's Wii mode and buy some as VC titles. Wii Shop Channel does still work, after all. And since this is Nintendo, the purchases won't carry over anywhere at all.

I'm probably only preaching to a seagull who doesn't want to listen and leaves a dump on my head before stealing my lunch. (And the cblog recapper. Sorry 'bout this, you're not the seagull.) Here are a few games on Master System I've never tried but I sure would want to.

  1. Hang-On. Personally, I prefer the Hang-On theme over Super Hang-On and Outride a Crisis, which is a shame since there aren't many covers of it on YouTube. And even this port has a sad, sad shortened version of the theme. In the same game genre, World Grand Prix also looks pretty interesting.
  2. Zillion. Not Zillion 2 but Zillion. An anime license title, which seems to be compared to Impossible Mission a lot.
  3. Choplifter. I remember playing some games like Choplifter, and there's even an inXile-created HD version on Steam. Still, this looks like a solid port.
  4. Wonder Boy III: Dragon's Trap. Or maybe I'll just pick the modern version. And this is on Wii VC.
  5. Fantasy Zone 1 and 2. Sure, I have the 3D Classic variants on 3DS, but still, I prefer it on a big screen and on a better controller. And both are also on Wii VC in Europe.
  6. Phantasy Star. A seminal JRPG. Sure, it's available on Wii VC, and I could run it via HDMI if I used my Wii U's Wii mode... I'm just making excuses for myself, aren't I? But in terms of (A)RPGs, I hear Ys is also a good game on SMS.
  7. Power Strike. The first title in the Aleste series? Me want.
  8. Golden Axe Warrior. No, not the Golden Axe you're thinking of. Think Legend of Zelda instead. (Isn't it sad that I describe Sega games by similar Nintendo games?) 
    The actual Golden Axe port on Master System is bad and lacks both multiplayer and multiple playable characters.
  9. New Zealand Story. Back in the 1980s, this was one of the games I wanted to play. It had a cute kiwi called Tiki as the main character, it was a heavily advertised multiplatform arcade port and if I remember correctly, had many hints listed in the computer magazine. Today, I want to check it out because it's a Taito arcade game that doesn't look like the system should've limited the experience too much. And the DRM of Taito Legends won't let me play the arcade original I already have on a modern Windows.
  10. Shinobi. This appears on quite a few "top Master System games" lists, so I'm interested. It can't be as bad as the one NES ninja game (sans turtles) I played when I was a kid, Wrath of the Black Manta.
  11. Alex Kidd in Miracle World. Back when I had a Megadrive, I remember hearing less favourable opinions on Alex Kidd. Today, I think that was in part due to the later titles in the series. I hear this is good, though, except for the rock-paper-scissors matches. For once, I think I'll accept save states... which the Wii VC version doesn't have that I can remember.

Note how I skipped games like Outrun, Altered Beast, Space Harrier, Alien Breed and various Sonic the Hedgehog games. That's because not every arcade conversion was great, and Sonic games I "kind of" have, namely on a PC Sonic collection CD that hasn't run on modern Windows versions in a good while.

Did you have a Master System yourself? What were your favourite titles on it?

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