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Crowdfunded: (Almost ) everything I have backed so far and what has happened


Grim Dawn- Delayed quite a bit but in the end a Very good Rpg especially if you like the old school Titans Quest though they have expanded on the formula quite a bit and are releasing updates at a constant pace.

Pillars of eternity - pretty awesome baldurs gate style rpg

Project nimbus- Fast paced action mech game which is fun but still in development but they release updates regular my only concern is it is really lacking in replayability. Though i have to say they have taken on feedback far more then any other project I have backed and when i was having a problem with an early version they actually messaged and we had an IM chat and then they released a update the following day which fixed the issue.

Reven- Supposedly still in development was to be a metroid style game but over a year from its original release date and i doubt it will get finished.

Kingdom come deliverance- Skyrim style game but without the magic and dragons etc, I have played the beta and it has potential but still far to early for judgement.

Slain!- Looked and sound amazing but had a really rocky launch, thankfully they went in and improved it and now it is a decent game.

Satellite Reign- Very good Syndicate style game (and i mean the old isometric game and not the FPS)

Thems Fighting Herds- Still in development but hopefully in the next few weeks I will get to to play it, a fighting game with animals if anyone remembers the My little pony fighting is magic game this is what they have made using original characters and on the skullgirls engine. And has characters and story from Lauren Faust and i have to say the music is sounding really good.

Aurion: Legacy of the Kori odan: Decent action Rpg that has a pretty good art style though i wish the animation was better

Beasts fury- The biggest dud that i have backed I had played the early version and it was coming along but the progress was really slow and after 3 or 4 crowdfunding attempts and news of people not getting paid it was dropped.

Everspace- Rogue like Space shooter which handles more likean action FPS then a space game, a very fun game and out on early access

Umbra- (now called Wolcen Lords Of Mayhem) A Diablo style game but still really really early in development while it is in early access you might want to hold off as still has a long way to go yet but they are updating and adding to it quite often.

Indivisible- I had backed this as i was a massive SkullGirls fan and i even backed when they wanted to add characters to Skull girls. Indivisble is early in development and they release updates but not a huge amount is shown apart from the early prototype


There are some other games i have backed such as Shenmue 3, Yooka-Laylee, Bloodstained but everyone knows about them

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