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BEHOLD! Metroid Prime comic done by Dark Horse Comics and Dreamwave (Part 1)

I've taken the liberty of scanning and uploading a lesser known Metroid Prime comic featured in three previous issues of Nintendo Power. (If NP was good for anything, it was for the free posters and comics...) The artwork is well worth it, although I apologize in advance for the quality (the glossy pages didn't scan as well as I had hoped but they still look pretty good).

I had originally planned to do this all in one post but Destructoid won't let me upload the photos without the connection timing out for whatever reason, I assume the files are too large. Rather than sucking up too much bandwidth, I'll be posting the series in three parts. Also, the images are as large as this particular photo sharing site is permitting while embedded. Just click them if you want to see them larger. Enjoy.

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