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Anita Sarkeesian (finally) decides to "show" AAA companies how it's done



So yes in case you didn't know finally Anita has decided to shut up with her misrepresentations and bullshit fear mongering in the gaming industry. Her recent announcement (via her private twitter with an official annoucement promised to come soon) is of her plan to give AAA developers a run for their money by opening her own development studio called La Fir Polos. So named after an ancient African legend of a wise woman who helped bring peace to warning tribes.


Anita doing this is very much a shock to many but it's something I have to save is admirable as she's putting that money towards finally giving something back to an industry she's presented as a pretty rotten den of inequity. It's actually quite impressive she's finally decided to do what people called for in so far as her supporting and helping to make the games she wants now by running her own studio La Fir Polos.

Following on from the announcement she's also announced plans to hire artist Kiva Pearson to come on board with the studio already for their first title The Legend of the Last Princess. The game's concept originally  started during the Tropes vs Women series apparently as Anita  had outlined what she'd like to see in terms of a game companies output and story ideas. I have to say it has been a really some time coming and I'd have to cynically suggest maybe the victim gig is drying in.

 Either way it could be very interesting to see what kind of games Anita finally does help product and her reaction when oversensitive pearl clutchers like her rip her game apart for not meeting their required standards of representing everyone possible. And of course fund to watch it fail even if it doesn't produce anything of worth.

Authors Note: It's taken absolutely years to create a fake identity to actually be able get trusted enough for Anita to authorise said account to view her private account and all that work seems to have paid off with this. Obviously as the account is protected I can't link to the tweets themselves or archives of them as they show up as blank. Hope you enjoy anyway

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