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PS3 = More Sexiful?!?


I do pretty good at my day job, but not good enough to afford a PS3. It came down to a choice a little over a year ago, and I believe I made a great choice. I love my Microsoft Xbox 360 Elite, I've got a pretty good size library of titles for it. But I didn't know what I was really missing until yesterday.

My best friend from college, who happened to make the opposite choice I did of game systems, has a 20gb PS3. I thought I'd share my impressions of the system after playing it for a good 8 hours yesterday.

First, the aesthetics. George Foreman grill or not, the PS3 is a tall system. I enjoy the look of the PS3. The power supply is inside the console which makes things nice, you don't have to have a special shelf just for the 12" power brick that needs proper ventilation with the 360. I enjoyed the glossy exterior and the lighting on the case, though I enjoy the ring of LEDs on the 360 a bit more. The main thing that I really enjoyed though was the lack of a disc tray. I hate the disc tray on the 360. I love my 360 but I hate that damn tray. Also, the cooling fans and disc drive on my Elite are damn noisy, but the PS3's cooling systems never made themselves known to me. But the counterpoint to this is, it got really, really warm while playing and that scared the crap out of me.

Second, the User Interface. Plainly put, the main menu of the PS3 is a PSP. Both consoles have similar setups with the whole "blade" separations in the menus. I hate to say it, but I liked the PS3 menu more. I'm more of a fan of customization than the 360 lets you do.

Third, the controllers. The sixaxis controllers are light, damn light, too light for my liking. Plus I really miss the rumble. In my opinion, the better controller is the 360's. While playing a few games yesterday, the sixaxis suffered no less than 4 hiccups in the middle of a game (various games mind you). I've NEVER had that problem with the 360. Shit, I could be in the other room and still be able to play through the walls with no lag. My other gripe is the new L2 and R2 triggers. I preferred it when they were just simply analog buttons, not levers. Don't let the controller griping fool you, I still had a good time yesterday.

Finally, the graphics. I could tell no discernible difference between my Xbox running at 1080i and the PS3 running at 1080i. The main menu looked nice, but I did a screen by screen comparison between my copy of Puzzle Fighter HD and his copy and could see NO difference. The same could be said when I popped in Rainbow Six: Vegas, no difference. So all you flamers out there, flame away, but the graphical capabilities that are always touted didn't blow me away. It looked and played exactly like my 360 does.

Once again, its only my opinion. But from what I saw yesterday, I'm on my way to picking one up. I don't favor one system over the other, only the games matter to me. The main selling point for me, from what I saw is that all of my PS one and PS two games will play. I loved my time with it yesterday, not perfect but what system ever is? I'd love to hear what all of you think out there. Thanks again for reading.

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