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Silly Life Update


Hey guys. Life is weird. Let's talk about it.

It's cliched and stupid but high school is really hard. Espically when you're awkward and nerdy and misunderstood. The other teens in my small "city" (it's a fucking town guys, get over yourself) are being weird about me being more open my bisexuality and thoughts on rights and mental health. I've gotten called a SJW and libtard so many times. And I don't want to wine because yes, things could be worse. But, it sucks. I don't feel accepted or safe because of the words of my peers daily. And it hurts even more when you know one of your closest friends has left you behind and is spreading rumors about you. Let me explain. I hate drama. I hate rumors. And one of the people who told me they would support me and not do anything to hurt me tells as many people they could that my suicide plans and hospitilization was because my girlfriend left me. The stares and the questions hurt. And she laughs about them. And it sucks. But hey. It'll get better. Maybe.

I really appreciate this community. Because honeslty the internet is my true adress. My few friends are either over the internet or are because of my gaming and other nerdy internet intests. But I want to be upfront because I was stupid on here the other day. I posted something saying to message me if you wanted to date and that was stupid. And I'm really sorry I almost tried to abuse this wonderfully amazing community. I hope you guys will forgive me.

Lets talk about something lighter, video games!!! I've been adoring Breath of the Wild. Yes, I am one of those people who say it's 10/10 and is a masterpiece. So, I'm gonna gush. I love the difficulty so much. It's insanely refreshing. I'm obsessed with the open world. I've spent so much time just exploring and being immersed in the world and it's been some of my favorite gaming moments in a long time. Alright, gush over. I finally got around to playing Resident Evil 4 which has honeslty become one of my favorite video games of all time. The atmosphere and story and gameplay are all top notch. I may even write a review. I've been loving it that much.

I also think I'm going to start looking into game design. I want to go to college for animation but that could change. I've just had so many ideas for a super indie RPG that I think could be very intresting. There will be more on this later.

So, that's really all. Again, thank you guys for being here. Honestly, I think I've built little relationships with you guys and I love it so much. I'm living in an amazing time in my life. I have goals again. And I actually go out with friends sometimes. And I'm only slightly uncomfortable. I'm still looking for a relationship, but it'll happen. It will work out and I can't rush it. But yeah. Let me know what you thought of this and how your week has been. Check out my twitter if you want. I'm always in the qtoids. I'll post even more blogs this week. See you space cowboy.

- thanks for reading my thing

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