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Critical Floor: Is Resident Evil 7 about the Oil industry?



 So for those who've never read one of these before Critical Floor is my occasional series where I dabble at artistic analysis. For those wondering what that is it's basically like Game Theories. However because art is often about subjective interpretation and while only the artist knows the true answer, often that's kept secret and it's up for people to debate over. It's acknowledged it's highly subjective and there's no right answer only theories and ideas normally.

So I didn't play Resident Evil 7 but I did watch a Lets Play of it (sorry I'm not a big Resident Evil fan other than 4 and didn't want to play this one myself). However it did get me thinking and it's a very strange thing to think about and to try and look at as a allegory for something.
In the case of Resident Evil 7 well I'm putting forward the idea that it's all about oil.
Just stick with me and let my argue my case before you start hammering about how wrong I am in the comments.
To start off with just look at the environments of the game.


The black "fungus" growing.  While there are black funguses in the world there's mentions in resident Evil 7 of how this black stuff seems to drip and coat things much like Oil coats animals when there's been a spill.

Image from Salmonguy

Compare this to the look of the "moulded" from Resident Evil 7


The next thing is the idea of a large ship having crashed in the Swamp and that's what lead the E001 Bioweapon to end up with the Baker Family and lead to the infection and spread to the black fungus to include the bakers. I mean in the past, probably not long before Resident Evil 7 started (according to wikipedia in 2014) development, there was actually the Mayflower pipeline rupture in Canada also the Napocor ship damaged by a typhoon in the Philippines. (Am I gamz jurnalizm now I worked the Philippines into a piece?) It seems fairly appropriate to have the black fungus goo actually originate from a ship that crashed.


Now for those who've played through the game (or watched it like me) you'd likely have see the information about and thought "Well that doesn't seem safe just walking round with a Bio-weapon like that" and as the story goes you know you're right. You know what disaster also happened just 4 years before due to a company not being exactly safe? The Deep Water Horizon incident.


So here's the thing, what if I could go one step further? What if there was a piece of media that started with a family living in a swamp and discovering oil. Well there is


Yep, while not exactly the same family arrangement as in Resident Evil it's actually has the parallel of the characters getting a far bigger home after finding the black stuff. In The Beverley Hillbillies they move while in Resident Evil 7 it very much looks like the house was expanded not long after the black stuff was found.

 So that's my take on it. I may be perfectly on the money or I may be a completely wrong What's everyone else's thoughts on this?


All Resident Evil 7 in game images are screencaps taken from The Scary Game Squad Resident Evil 7 playthrough

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