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Has VG Cats jumped the shark???

Hello fellow denizens of Destructiod. Most of you regulars probably don't know me as I seldom comment but I've been a d-toid reader almost since its inception. Since I never joined the forum scene, this here blog is the next best way to pollute your minds with my FRICKIN AWESOME insight about gaming and gaming culture.

Like many of you blog readers, webcomics come hand in hand with our daily internet regiment. And as such we expect them updated at regular intervals, free, and to be damn worth the arduous mouse clicks we use to get there. Any failure to fulfill said requirements will result with the wrath and criticism of many in the form of poorly construed emails. And since this is the internets, EVERYONE's opinion should be lovingly respected and valued for its individuality, even if you are a hypocritical talentless hack.

...which brings me to the topic of my inaugural blog post.

What the hell has been up with VG Cats this summer???

Much of what I've learned to love about VG Cats, its off-the-wall humor, quirky characters, and personality, seems to be waning as of late. The last authentically funny comic that I recall was the Pantsman DS/PSP comic but that was done way back in the beginning of June. Maybe I'm being a bit overly critical but given the caliber of VG Cats previous comics and the fact that its one of the much resented one update a week comics, I can't seem come off as feeling unfulfilled as of late. Granted the more recent Rare Candy comic won in some no-name blog's webcomic roundup, I personally felt that it was a bit overrated given the fanboyish nature of said blog's fanbase. Aside from that, the only other notable comic was the Worms one but even that was a tad on the short side.

Then again, I could be just getting spoiled by the likes of 8-bit Theater, Penny Arcade, Fanboys, Dueling Analogues, and the like. The latter of which seems to have been on the top of its game with comics like Q-bert solving the Rubik's Cube, DK versus Squirtle, and Where's Duke Nukem Forever?

But seriously, am I the only one feeling disappointed with VG Cats this summer?
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