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Friday Night Fights: Collector's Edition


Collector editions of games can be awesome. They can include an awesome statue for a reasonable price or include some items that look like they were ripped straight out of the game's world. When I held me frst full time position for a while, I grabbed quite a few collector's editions. I picked up the Max Payne 3 one when everyone else was in line for Diablo 3. I won the epic edition of Gears of War 3 from a community member that ran a ridiculous contest on Dtoid. My favorite collector's edition that I was able to grab has to go to the legendary edition of Halo Reach. I remember opening that giant case after coming home from the midnight launch. The statue of Noble Team was great, it had a journal that had notes written by Dr. Halsey and it had the fan favorite flame helmet that was previously reserved only to Bungie employees. It hit all the marks of a great bundle that would be perfect for any shelf. Sadly, I lost all my special edition games due to some personal issues. 

While that Halo Reach legendary edition was my favorite, it was also the most expensive collector's edition I have ever purchased. For the $150 price tag of the legendary edition, I could have bought two games! I felt the price justified the content however. If you haven't noticed, there are a few special editions that are more than that steep price. Recently, Middle Earth: Shadow of War was announced with a tease of gameplay and a release date that is only a few months away. I loved the original Shadow of Mordor game so I was curious if they would release a special edition this time and boy are they. The mithril edition of Shadow of War is a whopping $300. For that, you get the usual trinkets along with the gold edition of the game and a 12" bronze statue. The price of a Nintendo Switch or the newest Middle Earth game? I think that's a little much.

If I ever do decide to pick it up, it will be what I did with DOOM. Wait about six months for it to go on sale on amazon for half the original asking price.


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