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The Short Bus of Gaming


I am a slow gamer. I don't mean slow as in "everything feels like bullet time" slow, or "having trouble with the packaging" slow (sometimes I do, but that's not the point). It takes me forever to finish games. By "finish" I mean complete the story or main objective, not get all achievements/secret items.

The list of games that I haven't finished far exceeds those that I have. I still haven't finished BioShock, and I've had it since release date. I'm embarassed to say that I have not finished Final Fantasy Tactics (even though we still cuddle every now and again). I never finished Wind Waker, Shinobi, Manhunt, or Metroid Prime. I've been overjoyed with Ico, but never finished it. I love RPGs, but it took me two years to complete Final Fantasy VIII (glad I did). I still have yet to finish FF III (made of regret), FF IX (meh), FF X (pretty much glad I never finished that one), or FF XII.

I'm not sure if it this is a result of my short attention span between games (especially this holiday season), my lack of free time (full time job, getting married, house maintenance), or just my nature as a gamer to want to savor the experience. I'm sure that it's a combination of all three, but the results still leave me feeling sad that I've missed out on some great moments in gaming.

I love to explore the games that I play, and try to really experience everything that there is to offer. I would walk around the entire level in Condemned: Criminal Origins to make sure that I had been scared in every way possible, rather than just blow through to the exit of the building. I've tried to open up all of the greyed out areas on the map in BioShock. I find myself prolonging gaming experiences that I enjoy because I don't want them to end (much like the Dark Tower books), only to have something new and shiny come along that takes me on to a new experience. Many times, I don't make it back to the game, and it ends up in the graveyard of incomplete gaming experiences.

Are any of y'all like this? Do you have trouble finishing games (for whatever reason, no one's judging), and do you have suggestions on any of the games listed above that I should make it a priority to finish up?
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