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pheonix_blood attention whore: claire redfield photos.

last month i did a photoshoot as claire redfield, the good version not the lesbian version from resi 3 btw.

if you dont like cosplay, well shit to you, cos i fucking do.

and why do i love this one most of all?

A) shes a great chracter, strong and not a sisssy (unlike aries for example, so fucking glad she died)

B) not over sexualised, its not about big tits and showing skin

C) it gave me a chance to have some fun with the shoot and try and capture a little bit of resi evil.

the cosplay its self is pretty much all modified, the top and bottoms were dyed and cut from a pair of long jeans and white denim jacket, then hand dyed (as some people in stickam saw). the iamge on the back was hand painted from a stupidly small reference pic, i was shitting myself while painting it, one wrong move and it was all over!
im glad i added the SFX scars and blood, they turned put great in the pics!

p.s i know its a wooden dagger, but convention rules stricktly say no blades, plus the wooden one was sooooo much cheaper!

or you can view all the pics here http://orbital-art.net/cosplaysnap/gallery/thumbnails.php?album=15
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