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My drunk call from Tazar

He is the man! Him, Workman, Burling, some asians (koreans?), and apparently Kramer from Seinfeld (who is surprisingly asian) or off getting drunk/smashed/pissed at some outside bar in Cincinatti. Oh man, they love me long time and wish I was there with fingerbangs and offerings of Ron's mom who was more than willing! No Mario though...

THE best!

Only said part is that I am a few states away, suck balls. Tazar loves his drunk dials and talks and talks as I laugh and laugh. Ron, a man of few words just want something in my mouth....was it the salty pretzel or something else? F1tches is all about the "female dogs." And of course wants to throw down like a mofo' fo sho'! Yeah, I am gangsta. What of it? Wha wha, represent it boo!

Maybe next time Tazar...maybe next time? Remember Tazar, me love you long time!

Signed the Dork.

PS: Support the Dtoid Radio, cause if you don't who will? Well plenty of others but can you honestly get enough of Destruct in your life? I think not!
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