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Drink a long a Freq


Before we get started:

Warning drinking too much can make ugly people look attractive and may cause serious embarrassment, walks of shame or premature death.

Please drink responsibly.

Ok that should have me covered from any liability.

So I wanted to do something trashing Anita Sarkeesian's output. I wrote a big long piece ripping apart her series to a number of bare bone mechanical tricks similar to advertising she uses. It was heavily theory based blog, very wordy and I may publish it at some point later on if people so want. The reason I'm doing this is because well that blog wasn't fun. It felt overly serious and I'm not in the mood for that, so I decided to use the work and research I'd put in to create something a little different. Something I think is both more fun and does a better job of showing the flaws and tricks of her work while also creating a way to heavily mock Anita's work and turn it from what she believes is a serious work of criticism into a silly joke for people in College. So I made it into a drinking game because when you can get drunk to thanks to clear repetitious elements you know it's formulaic


1) Alcohol of your choice, as this is meant to be taking the piss out of Anita I'd recommend something with a name that Anita herself would end up clutching her imaginary pearls over. So cocktails like Sex on the Beach, Blowjobs, Slippery Nipples or for those who want to go the pure beer route: Top Totty, Raging Bitch, Lust, Happy Ending, Tramp Stamp, Brown Angel, Thong Remover or Double Wench just make it a name that Anita would happily make a video about calling sexist rape culture.

2) A device capable of watching youtube videos. Personally I'd recommend a Chromecast and using a smartphone to set it up and queue a video.

3) An episode of Anita's series Tropes Vs Women in video games. Any will do but I'd suggest that the longer season 1 episodes be used by those who want to get drunker.

 How to Play

- When Anita displays a clip with no context or you know is out of context for shock value. Take 1 drink.

- If Anita says the words sexist, misogyny or harmful / damaging stereotypes/ myths. Take 1 drink .

- If she uses the words marginalised, cultural appropriation or offensive. Take 1 drink.  

- If Anita clearly seems like she doesn't get something. Take 1 drink.
E.G. Her seemingly thinking the function of Batman's cape is to cover his arse and not you know how he glides.

- When Anita complains about something purely option in game like a costume Take 1 drink

- If you catch Anita moving the goal posts or putting additional standards / even more vague requirements or standards of proof to support her claims. Take 1 drink.

e.g. When she was on about attractive looking female bodies and chose to thenwiden the goal to merely

 - When Anita uses the word WE in the royal sense when she means I E.G. "last time we discussed." Take 2 drinks.

- When Anita brings up statistics (or implied statistics like saying "almost always" or "almost never") about rape or domestic abuse. Take 2 drinks.
If she then claims these exist due to harmful messages in the media (or words to that effect). Take a further 2 drinks.

- If Anita says "Be critical of the media you love" or "media affects people" or words to that effect Take 2 drinks

- If Anita gets something entirely wrong, like the release date of a game. Take 2 drinks

- If Anita contradicts herself or contradicts the footage she is showing. Take 3 drinks
E.G. saying dinosaur planet was planned to have two protagonists one male and one female then going on to try and pretend dinosaur planet was going to be a female lead game or when Princess Peach is actually calling for Mario to help her while Anita is ignoring the implicit consent being given there.

- When Anita presents someone else's work or refers to another person's work by name presenting them as an authority on the subject  Take 3 drinks
E.G. Bell Hooks or Melissa Harris Parry.

- If you're watching footage and believe Anita either staged the footage or did something outside of either how the game should be played or normal gameplay.
Take 4 drinks.
e.g. Killing a stripper and dragging her body round in a stealth game. Or spending a lot of time trying to look at Batman's arse

- When Anita does a fast series of scenes in series of fast cuts or sequence in rapid succession without explaining them. Waterfall till the sequence stops

- When Anita says "Science says" or "Research tells us that" or words to this effect. Finish your drink (or drink till you at 1/2 full or completely empty if you're below half full)
For we must all pour one out as Anita butchers actual Science by presenting Gender studies papers as hard Science fact.

- If at any point you get a boner (If male) or aroused (if female) Finish your drink entirely and get another immediately. If you're drinking from a bottle you must strawpedo it

    Optional rule:

If at any point you feel you want some-one to punch Anita in the face. Waterfall until either she herself isn't on screen or the urge stops, this is optional because for some it might result in drinking through most of the episode.


For those new to Drinking games this may be useful.

1 Drink = Take a swing of drink approximately equal to 1 finger placed horizontally next to the glass in size (note wider glasses or non standard glass sizes means 1 finger worth is more drink)

Waterfall = Keep drinking / chugging your drink until it's finished.

Strawpedo = Insert a straw into the bottle, bed the straw down over the top of the bottle then place your mouth round the bottle as normal then drink. The straw will draw air in letting you keep drinking rather than creating a vacuum as normally happens.

So Happy Drinking and remember alcohol and Maths doesn't mix. You should never Drink and Derive 

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