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Midnight Snack


You know how it is. You're jamming out in a gaming session and suddenly it hits you. Your body is saying feed me and you are thinking, just one more match. Just one more turn. So, instead of being a sensible adult, we tend to turn to food that may not be quite as healthy. However, I'm not here to lecture you on how to eat heathy. On the contrary. I want to talk about all those guilty pleasure goodies that may have a memory or two tied to it. Or perhaps, you just plain love the taste.  

Growing up I never really had as many opportunities to snack. Unless of course, I was at my grandparents' house. They always had some kind of forbidden food item that my parents really only wanted me eating occasionally verses the whole bag in one night. And by that I me Cheetos! The cheesy powdery goodness in a bag that never failed my expectations or hunger. Now no snack is complete without a balanced flavor to go with it. And by balanced I mean opposite. By opposite I mean sugary.  Most of the time it was whatever new soda came out. Whether that be Pepsi Blue or Mountain Dew's Pitch Black we tried to mix it up. 


To the horror of some gamers eating some kind of powdery food that could potentially contaminate their beloved controller or keyboard is heresy! But, under rigorous trials and tribulations of whether to grab another hand-full or get shot in the face. You could successfully curb your hunger and have fun gaming into the wee hours of the morning.  

Most of my snacking habits stayed the same throughout my younger gaming years. Until I went to college that is. I still lived with my parents but my habits changed due to the changing of scenery and people. After I had learned how to disassemble my Xbox 360 and fix the Red Ring of Death, I was back to gaming again. And snacking.   

As I did in the past, I always liked to grab the newest flavor of Mountain Due. Except, the year that Halo 3 came out changed everything. They had named one of their surgery sippers Gamer Fuel! Every time it comes out, I have to grab one. Even the smell after poring it into a glass or opening up a fresh one brings me back to sitting in my room in the basement playing Halo with my buddies. It's like a time machine. I don’t specifically remember eating a snack during this period. Just lots and lots of soda.  

Right after college I met my wife, girlfriend at the time. Fallout 3 kept my mind occupied after working through some hard times with her. The thing about Fallout is, there is a little bit of crossover into real life with some of the in-game items. By that I mean Nuka Cola. I LOVE Coca Cola. But for some reason, I REALLY LOVE Vanilla Coca Cola! To this day I associate it with modern day Fallout (3, Vegas, & 4.) Sometime around the holidays I will pull up Fallout, crack open a Vanilla Coke, and explore the wasteland for hours. Drink like there's no tomorrow!   

These days I try to do the sensible thing and not snack too much. But when I do, it tends to be Nacho Cheese Doritos and some kind of soda. (Go figure, I fall into the gamer stereotype.) Looking back at my younger years, I still love to try all the different kinds of sodas. In fact there is a shop called Rocket Fizz here in St. Louis where they sell all kinds of crazy unique sodas! If I don’t have time to swing by there, it's usually a QuikTrip for the latest on what the big guys are doing.  

Would love to hear from you guys and gals in the community. What are your favorite gaming snacks? Do you eat junk food? Or, do you manage to eat healthy? Happy snacking friends!  

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