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TimeShift = fail of the year award

There's nothing like playing an epic game like Bioshock and then playing something like... TimeShift. Wow. I guess there's a reason I completely missed the news post on this one. Full of rehashes (regenerating healthbar? exploding crossbow bolts? really?), an impossible-to-follow "objective system", gameplay situations that can only be solved after you've been killed by them once, and random suit messages as spoken by a depressed 10 year old girl. Or boy (it's kind of sad when I actually prefer the original half-life HEV suit messages to a game released a decade later).

The whole game screams of "doing what other games have done, only poorly". I think they even tried to go heavy on the saturation/color correction to get a "Gears feeling", but it was so washed out and bland that I could hardly even tell enemies apart from the environment, let alone friendlies. And on that note, why were they friendly, anyway? There was a distinct lack of something called story. If I was a bunch of half-life 2 style rebels being oppressed by the man and some guy in a crazy high tech suit started warping around, I'd probably shoot first and ask questions later.

Oh well. At least the trailer was cool.
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