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Comments of the Week 08: Don't Front Page This One


You ever have one of those weeks? I had one of those weeks. I don't typically have a ton going on in my life, which is the main reason I took up this job in the first place. Not only would it give me something to do, but I had a lot of free time to do it. Every so often, though, I have one of "those" weeks. You know the ones where you've got a bunch of stuff going on at the same time? Yeah, one of those. Not to mention I had way too much trouble getting last week's installment up because the pictures refused to upload to the web. This time I ended up having to send a lot of pictures to the cloud because I was on the go a lot,  which lead to an unfortunate and unexpected side effect:

As you could probably imagine, I nickname my screenshots so I know what article they come from. Something went horribly wrong this week and most of them ended up with generic file names. I have done my best to identify where these came from, but insted of going back through and grabbing some more comments like I was intending to do, I've decided to just let it be roll with this so I don't get behind on the next one. As a heads up, I don't really think it's fair to name a Commenter of the Week in this one, so sorry if you said something incredible and I missed it. So here's this week's wimpy selection that I could salvage:

Double Dragon IV delayed in Japan on PS4

These are the best system requirements I've ever seen:

Yooka-Laylee has gone gold, Wii U owners can change platforms

I'm sorry your moment to shine happened during such a lousy week. I hope you get to see this, Hdawger!

Final Fantasy XV's Noctis and crew morph into Power Rangers in upcoming DLC

I like to think Perro had this picture saved in a folder for years knowing it would one day come in handy.

Here are all the My Nintendo rewards you can get with Fire Emblem Heroes

- A witty saying of some sort.

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