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My First Kiss: Final Fantasy VII


While I had a Genesis and a number of games that my father bought me, I didn't really understand video games at the time and had difficulty playing them. it wasn't until years later that I would actually get into video games. during this time my father purchased and played Final Fantasy VII a lot, and watching him play the game, it struck a cord within my youngself. The desire to play the game, a game at the time I didn't know the name of, get through a difficult time in my life. I was abused as a child by various people, I was bullied a lot, and moved from school to school. eventually one christmas I was given a game that I couldn't play becuase I didn't have the console for it, and I was given a PS1 from my youth pastor who's brothers stopped using it as they were give a PS3. I had heard so much about a game called Final Fantasy VII, and how great it is, so I thought i decided if I could trade the game that I was given but can't play with someone who had Final Fantasy VII, eventually I found someone who was willing to make the trade. By the end of disc one I jumped for joy because it was the game I spent such a long time looking for. Ever since then, I have become such a huge gamer, and lover of JRPG's. 

This is the part I remembered the most, and is what struck a cord within my young mind. 

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