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Something Wrong with the Denver International Airport

My new computer should be here any moment, but I wanted to share a piece of news with you. Fact is, if you live in America, and have paid any attention to how things have been going in the past few years, you'd know that only a foolish person would see America as being what it used to be, or better. It's sad, really. But, I wanted to show you something that's in America, and in the public. Some of you might not get this at all, then again, some of you may just think it's a work of art. You decide for yourself, but you might want to look at a few facts and history facts before you just think there's nothing wrong with this.

This is a mural from the Denver International Airport. Ok, so what is it? Well, if you notice what's under her arm, there's a red bible with a yellow cross, a Rosicrucian rose, and a star of David. She's also in a casket. There's more pictures that go with this, such as boy with an iron fist hammering swords on an iron, a Darth Vader looking communist killing some white doves (along with a crowd of women carrying dead babies), and some other weird stuff. The people that designed the building are known as the Freemasons, who actually formed this country. If you do any research on the group, they're a bunch of elite, rich, and powerful men (women are not allowed; they're called something else), that are heavily into almost occultic practices and symbolism. Heck, the Simpsons even ran an episode about the Freemasons, in which Homer joins just to fit in.

Every city has a lodge, just go look at it. The one in my city is pretty big, and looks almost like a church. You can see several symbols on it, including slaves (not black, just anyone) carrying their leaders and contructing the world. It's really creepy. But truly, Freemasons are deep into symbols, and all these symbols do mean something, at least to them. So, what does this have to do with the murals in Denver's airport? The picture almost depicts a passage in the New Testament about people dying for their faith. Not ever faith. Actually, the only faiths that are persecuted in this time of misery are the Christians (the true ones, not the ones damning everything to hell) and the Jews. It's sort of creepy that we have paintings in our airports that are about death involving young children, especially of faith. Regardless of if you believe in God or not, you really have to look at that picture and wonder why that would even be put in an airport. Then you have to look at who the people are that built this airport, and what's their story. It's the same feeling you get when you see a kid in school drawing a picture of all his classmates with blood all over them.

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