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Can we please not Make Horizon Zero Dawn into the next "Ghostbusters 2016"


(Image "borrowed" from Gamer Informer because it looks cool)

OK I'm excited for Horizon Zero Dawn.

It's a game about a red headed girl taking down Robot Dinosaurs using a bow and Arrow.

I like red heads; I like archery............. ok and Robots and Dinosaurs and robot Dinosaurs. I've said before I'm pretty sure Horizon Zero Dawn is somehow based on a sex dream I had years ago.

Hell the fact I said that is probably going to upset people because one group seemingly wants Aloy to be some pure female Hero who is seen as entirely sexless. While another group suggests she's a bit ugly, so me suggesting I've had a sex dream involving some-one who looks similar will likely shock both those groups at once.

You can tell I'm excited the game because even did that video and Cblog about the lack of Micro-transactions. Remember that one?

So to say I'm really hyped for the game is an understatement (yes I know I shouldn't be because No Mans Sky shows the problem with hype).

But you know what started to kill that hype?

It becoming political!

Suddenly The Guardian has decided to push Horizon Zero Dawn as "The Feminist Action game we've all been waiting for"........................ IF this was say "The Mary Sue" then I'd probably not bring it up as it's more expected and while The Guardian has previous form, it was more a "commentator" piece on making James Bond a Lesbian Activist instead of a Straight Male Spy.

But........... Seriously.......... I remember when Ghostbusters Answer the Call was being called The Feminist Summer Blockbuster and there was talk of the sequels etc.

Can a game not just be a good game now? Does it have to have a socio political angle and cause super glued to it by people who at this stage I have to suggest only see gaming as a political tool?

We had this shit with Mad Max Fury Road too. At least with Feigbusters Sony Pictures's share price in Freefall it was very much being put out by the director and cast that yeh that's what they were aiming for and they really did think they were sticking it to "the man" by making female Ghostbusters cause "Women can be Ghostbusters too you sexist nerds" Or something.

You know why I hate this? Because it's not saying the game succeeded by being good if it does. It'll be attributed to some social political cause and just used as more ammo for that cause again. It won't be credited as doing well because it was just good. No that couldn't possibly happen for a video game seems to be the attitude.

It's another case of someone using media as a political hockey puck.  I really dislike this idea because I dislike how divisive politics and especially socio-politics has become. I don't want to end up seeing it become a case of gaming being divided and you're only allowed to play titles for "your side" that isn't a state I want to see gaming end up in.

The problem is if one group starts doing this you can be it won't be long before other political groups starts doing this. For those going "Oh what's wrong with a socio-political label being attached to games really?" The question has to be asked how would people feel if I dunno Breitbart declared that "Red Dead Redemption 2 is the game all Trump supporters have been waiting for."? Then if it did well declared that its success vindicated Trump and his ideas and proved the need for Trump? As mad as it sounds it's a possible future we could be heading for, if we keep on down this route.

 Should it matter that it's being called a feminist game? No and it wouldn't if we didn't have the person being pushed as the "feminist authority on games" being Anita Sarkeesian and her brand of feminism while ignoring the many other branches of Feminism many of which disagree with Anita. It feels very much like this is being set up as "Look see Anita etc were all right see they're right accept them and this success is why companies should do everything Anita wants".

Hell it reeks of an attempt to try and appeal and make the game have more mass appeal by specifically mentioning a demographic whose hobby seems to be more trying to force games, developers and other media to adhere to their specific ideology and cater to them than actually playing games or enjoying said media themselves. If Sunset is any indication of that audience size for people who will buy the game then it's closer to a small cricket with a giant sound system than an actual large mass of people.

So what do you think?

Horizon Zero Dawn, will it be good or bad?

and why is the Guardian be trying to superglue feminist ideology to the thing?

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