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remember (random angst filled "poem" / reflection, I am so sorry).


It's been a pretty good weekend
Spent most of it high
which is great except for the coming down
when I wish I didn't forget the lithium last night
Spent most of it at much less
than 24 frames per second
This really cool girl with green hair
was on coke among others things
Her and the kid I bought my high from
were talking about killing themselves
How they've tried and it hasn't worked
Becuse fuck it you know, what's the point
She said she learned from some golden age actress
"Pretty girls never light their own cigarettes"
she kissed my neck in the way people
who can't feel anything but feel too much do
I imagine
She asked if the top of the building
was high enough to kill her
and I said no and please not to do that
because she's a cool girl with green hair
That night was a blur
The next I found out from another girl
with normal brown hair
That she can't get high
She also can't do relationships
The partially green haired girl
and my one friend tripped balls
went on a journey, made out too
and listened to music and told sex stories
Earlier she said I make her feel like
she's in a movie
And I said
"Pretty girls never light their own cigarettes"
so she lit my joint
I wonder how much of anything she can remember
I was with them until 5 A.M.
But I wasn't really
how could I be if I wasnt tripping balls.
I now know
my ex with red hair made out with a coworker
just because he's nice
and my best friend with blonde hair
zelda to my link
who is perfect in all ways
except for a few "flaws"
the importance of which change
with tights and some build up
can do relationships
and that I can't do anything
except get distorted and watch
other people have relationships


Thanks, I needed to get that out.

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