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GAMEZ NEWZ: Horizon Zero Dawn will have no form of Micro Transactions


So I promised something that's a bit of an exclusive and this blog will mostly be written assuming you want a written version of the video above.

I have confirmation from some-one at Guerrilla Games that Horizon Zero Dawn will not have any form of Micro transactions


This all started because I was browsing round the coming soon stuff in the Playstation Store and I noticed a Digital deluxe edition being listed there.

In the digital deluxe are a number of things that look like possible resource packs of some kind and with the likes of Dead Space 3 and Deus Ex Mankind Divided using these as a way to put micro-transactions into single player games


This and the 4chan leak suggesting there was no story DLC planned along with the lack of a listing in the PSN store for a Season pass either alone or as part of the Digital Deluxe bundle made me immediately suspect that the game would be employing some other way to make money. Call me cynical all you like but how often has a ~£45/ $60 game ever come out and been just that, without them adding a ~£20 season pass onto the game after launch?

While the 4chan leak did say there would be some kind of Arena DLC it didn't say it would be story focused.

So those who are forgoing the Switch for the time being or those who are getting the game and Switch you might be surprised.

Now it's worth saying it's entirely possible that Micro-transactions do get put in and that this email turns out to be a lie that was sent out BUT it was sent out by Guerrilla Games to me and as such this is as close to an absolute confirmation as anyone can get without being on the staff making the game.

It's also worth noting it does look like Sony (being the games publisher) are trying to push the digital distribution system a bit with the Digital Deluxe Edition. A version which has content the physical listing on Amazon doesn't (presently) have. It's quite possible these bit might end up being DLC later or are just early in game unlocks or something.

owever for the time being I think it's pretty cool of Guerrilla games to not only not be including Microtransactions like many other studios have seemingly been but also being willing to answer the question from a comparative industry nobody. So to whoever did bother to send the email, thank you.

Oh and here's the rest of the images used in the video.

I Did Some Garmz Jurnalism guys and gals wooo

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