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Destructoid Community Interviews: Occams Electric Toothbrush (Part 2)


When we last left our intrepid heroes they were decrying multiple reboots of Frank Castle and discussing the benefits of studying strangers. Will Occams find enough teeth to build his weapon of mass destruction? Will Orochileona keep the word count under 3000? And will all the 'guaranteed' Switch pre-orders be filled on launch day? Find out the answers to none of these questions, right now!

OL: Well, The feeling is apparently mutual Occams. #Occamstoid was mindblowing, such an outpouring of love and respect for you and the work you do here, from almost everybody in the community. Hand on heart, I believe every bit of it was deserved. Sorry to put you on the spot emotionally, but how did that day make you feel?

Occams: It made me tear up a little. That was a genuine human moment and I felt it hard. Also, I felt awkward (remember I'm the guy who helps you thrive, I'm not the guy though) and a little sad. Kind of a reflex of mine is sadness. Lord knows we all deal with our own personal shit and I'm no different. I don't do well with being acknowledged. I almost feel like I failed somehow if I'm noticed? Wow. That's kind of deep. What those kind words told me was that I am right where I should be and I wouldn't trade all the teeth in all of your skulls to be anywhere else.

OL: I barely got any teeth left to give you, mang
I can relate to what you're saying, I get extremely melancholy when faced with praise. Everyone's comments were wonderful though, I think it was Dreamweaver who said something along the lines of 'Occams is Destructoid'  It was a show of genuine respect from a community you work dang hard for. You have also shown me, personally, undying support. I am a genuine mess of a man, a consistent underachiever, and your help means the world to me. So, on behalf of myself and many Dtoiders; Thanks for simply being 'the best Occams you can be'. Here's to the next ten years, brother.

Occams: Oh, bless your eyes buddy. That's so damn kind. The kindness here it just.. it makes me believe in people. That's hard to do, ya know? So thank you. You, everyone in the community, just.. thanks. You gave me a home and all I ever want is for folks here to feel like this place is their home as well.

OL: The final words are yours, so grasp the mic:

Be patient and kind, here and in the waking world. Try something new; new food, new music, new literature, anything. Jerk off with an underhand grip for the dudes or if you are a lady slap-bass the holy hell out of your clit. Expand who you are and how you see the world. Also, no socks and sandals. Lets just put a moratorium on that. We can end socks and sandals in our lifetime if we all work together.

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