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E3 is hopefully dead, long live Leipzig, TGS and Booth Babes.

I'm sure I'm not the only one who was disappointed with E3 07'. For those who attended, it fixed many problems while creating new ones. Like needles scattered in a haystack, it was one step forward and two steps back. While I'm just another gamer who couldn't attend, I was thoroughly disappointed at how lacking in content my online sources were, basicly because there was less stuff one show (next to no handheld games, even when DS is selling so strong, WTF). We are so used from previous shows to have lots of videos etc to browse through online, but this time it seemed bleaker than Oliver Twist food menu.

Praise be to our former axis nations, Germany and Japan. While they might have once been the enemy of the free world, its now great to see them both puting on a good show for us, which makes E3 look like very poor. Break out the beer, pretzels and booth babes.

God good, they have booth babes in Germany and Japan. I'm so glad to see them again, as a guy but also as a consumer, who still believes that sex and violence are great vehicles for sellng stuff, even games. Why the hell not you wonder. I've always thought that if scantily clad female (and male) models, can help promote new fangled cars at car shows, why should this be any diiferent for games? Either way, its a good payday for any model. Its was fine, until the dumb thought police struck them from E3, even when a vast majority of game consumers are adults (also like car buyers too). So yeah, in this regard I'm glad to see their presence.

I heard whisper the other day of some publishers (unknown) now bailing from E3 08', and if this apathy builds and continues, its very possible E3 could be on its last legs. Perhaps while past E3s have been great, the organisers have messed it up, so perhaps we should lay it to rest, next to ECTS and the like. I guess the best thing about Leipzig, is that its set over more than three days, giving developer/publishers more time to show stuff off, and journos more time to see/play them.

With TGS on the horizon, it kind of seems like gaming heaven, to have it just after Leipzig (maybe not for journos, mind you). I know the japanese will put on a good show, especially after E3, they'll want to raise their game.

Diverting a little, I also think future game shows in the west, should be sponsored by Axe/Lynx deodorant and showergel, so that those attendees that don't check themselves with the courtesy of soap and water, before venturing into such events, can be scrubbed down by an on hand HASMET team.

Anyway.long live Leipzig and TGS, and down with E3. And raise a pint of beer to booth babes.

The gaming future is so bright, I gotta wear shades.
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