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Tony Hawk's Proving Grounds Soundtrack Listing: Tazar Kinda Touches Himself


MTV has a write up that broke yesterday morning about the new Mad...er, Tony Hawk game, Tony Hawk's Proving Grounds. The first half of the write up concerns the Beastie Boys being added to the game as playable characters, complete with a pretty good rendering of MCA.

The fun doesn't stop there, because MTV also has a listing of the songs that will be appearing on the soundtrack for the game. The songs include:

� !!! -- "All My Heroes Are Weirdos"
� Airbourne -- "Girls in Black"
� Angels & Airwaves -- "Secret Crowds"
� Anglo Jackson -- "Motorbike"
� At the Gates -- "Slaughter of the Soul"
� Bad Brains -- "Banned in DC"
� Beastie Boys -- "Electric Worm"
� Blackalicious -- "Your Move"
� Bloc Party -- "Version 2.0"
� Cursed -- "The Hands Will Abide"
� Cymande -- "Fug"
� Dag Nasty -- "Circles"
� Darkest Hour -- "Sanctuary"
� DJ JS-1 (featuring L.I.F.E. Long & Immortal Technique) -- "Audio Technician"
� El-P -- "Up All Night"
� Folk Implosion -- "Natural One"
� Foo Fighters -- "The Pretender"
� Fu Manchu -- "We Must Obey"
� Funky 4+1 -- "Rappin and Rockin the House"
� Future Pigeon -- "Gift Tax"
� Gallows -- "Come Friendly Bombs"
� Gorilla Biscuits -- "Hold Your Ground"
� Jimmy Castor Bunch -- "It's Just Begun"
� Jurassic 5 -- "Radio"
� Kittens -- "Carpenter"
� Los Abandoned -- "Panic-Oh!"
� Lyrics Born (featuring KRS-One and Evidence) -- "Pack Up (Remix)"
� Maylene and the Sons of Disaster -- "Memories of the Grove"
� Motorcity Daredevils -- "Bear in the Air"
� Nation of Ulysses -- "You're My Miss Washington D.C."
� Nirvana -- "Breed"
� Oh No (featuring J Dilla and Roc "C") -- "Move, Pt. 2"
� Paint It Black -- "The New Brutality"
� Paris -- "The Devil Made Me Do It (Poach a Pig Mix)"
� Percee P -- "Throwback Rap Attack (Madlib Remix)"
� Pierce the Veil -- "I'd Rather Die Than Be Famous"
� Pig Destroyer -- "Loathsome"
� Reverend Horton Heat -- "Baddest of the Bad"
� Revolution Mother -- "Come On"
� Roots Manuva -- "Chin High"
� Sayvinyl -- "That's Entertainment"
� Silversun Pickups -- "Well Thought Out Twinkles"
� Slick Rick -- "Children's Story"
� Smashing Pumpkins -- "Tarantula"
� Snapcase -- "Energy Dome"
� The Bled -- "Starving Artiste"
� The Clash -- "Clash City Rockers"
� The Cramps -- "Garbage Man"
� The Icarus Line -- "Gets Paid"
� The Kooks -- "See the World"
� The Octopus Project -- "Music Is Happiness"
� The Rolling Stones -- "Sympathy for the Devil"
� The Sex Pistols -- "Holidays in the Sun"
� Twilight 22 -- "Electric Kingdom"

Personally...well, it's just like every other Tony Hawk soundtrack. Few songs I actually care about, too many I couldn't give two shits. chkchkchk (!!!) and Bloc Party are a welcomed inclusion, and anytime Blackalicious or El-P get a nod in anything I pay attention, but the remainder of the soundtrack is just sorta blah. If I have to hear that god damn Smashing Pumpkins track one more time I will choke the shit out of B0lly Corgan.

So what do you guys think? Good choices, or typical mismatch of good music with utter shit?

[Via, MTV, Thanks to Tazar for being so irreplaceable, and for mildly resembling Bill Hader]
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