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PAX '07 and Treasurebox via Chatterbox: I fail so you win!

What's up Dtoid community? I was recently a contestant in Chatterbox's Treasurebox gameshow @ PAX (thanks Alon and Rich (hehe). So, once upon a time in a Stickam Chatroom far far away, I cleaned up on answering some questions from last year's Treasurebox event. Somewhere along the way I got nominated to semi-represent Destructoid for this year's Treasurebox.

It was Ben reppin' Chatterbox, Kelly reppin' Penny-Arcade, and me... acting like the drunk uncle in the stead of one absent Ron Workman. In my defense, I was a couple sheets to the wind after downing a few free drinks from the Game Trailers' party at the War Room which was about 10 blocks away from the convention hall. We even got the opportunity to attempt to avoid one Robert Summa.

After a couple of failed questions regarding games I'll never play in my entire life, and a few dropped balls I should have caught, I was so behind that I nominated some random guy to come up in my stead while I went piddle. Needless to say, he didn't aid our cause too much. Luckily, I was able to act like a jackass, get a few epic lulz, and allow Dtoid to yell and scream 10 times louder than anyone for Chatterbox or Penny-Arcade, although I think 8 times the volume can be attributed to Lauren.

So here I am, a hollow shell of a man beaten senseless in front of a few hundred people, yet I come baring the gifts from the fruits of my defeat. Neglecting my total suckage, yet totally setting the example (good or bad, you take your pick) for Dtoiders, here is what I'll soon be offering to all of you in the form of epic contests.

- Logitech G5 Laser Mouse

- PS2 copy of .hack//G.U. Vol.1 Rebirth w/ limited edition action figure

- Nyko Bluwave remote control for the PSTriple

- Nyko Intercooler (black) for the X360

- PC Command and Conquer 3

The dude that came in while I had to make water got a copy of Cooking Mama, for help baring the brunt of my epic suckage.

Come back later for pics and future contest information. I'd like to say that I'm not keeping any of this for myself. All of these prizes are going directly to the community.
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