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Space World is back! Well, sort of...

After E3 died and was resurrected as a press-only convention, the public wondered where they would go. Many other conventions like PAX have since picked up the torch, but there was one convention in particular that sought to bring back the spirit of the old E3. It became known as E for All, with emphasis on the public and the hope that companies would come to show off their stuff.

So who's showing up?

Sony? They passed.

Microsoft? They did, too.

Sega, Midway, NCSoft and Capcom? Same.

So who is going to E for All? Who decided to go to this brand-new convention that would attempt to capture some of the spirit of the old E3 by being open to the public? Is anyone going to show up, or is this convention dead in the water?

Electronic Arts, THQ, Konami, Namco, Intel and NVIDIA are all set to attend. Then again, so is Nintendo, and they're the only one of the big three attending.

So, considering that, and considering that companies like Konami and EA are huge Wii and DS supporters... E for All is "dead". Long live Space World 2007. Yes, there will be some PC gaming too, since Intel and NVIDIA are there, but this is now Nintendo's show to rule. Along with TGS next month, it is a platform for Nintendo to show off everything they've got. And what better place to push a console that is for everyone than at a convention intended for everyone? It makes total sense, and honestly, it makes Sony and Microsoft's absences that much bigger. Yes, they were companies railing against the old E3 and it's bigness, and yes, they have their own individual press shows now, but by missing out on something meant for the public... doesn't it send the message that they don't care? Maybe so, and maybe not. But what we do know is that Nintendo will be the biggest presence there, especially now that they're #1 in the console wars again and they're going to represent at both TGS and E for All as part of their "blue ocean" strategy.

I'm not quite sure Microsoft's fall press event is going to compete with both TGS and E for All, one which they're missing and the other being held in a country where nobody gives a damn about Microsoft's gaming enterprise. Sony, of course, is still gonna be at TGS, at least, meaning that it's not a total disaster.
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