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The Early Years...

My earliest memories of playing video games have an almost mystical. I used to watch the TV as my brother would play games on his Commodore 64. I watched with wide eyed amazement as he would rescue P.O.W.ís in Choperlifter or when he would evade rats in Radar Rat Race. I would beg him for a chance to play. I was too young to truly grasp the idea of manipulating the objects on the screen with a controller so my turns never lasted very long.

When I started going to kindergarten I discovered the Apple II. And with it I began my search for Carmen Sandiego. I traveled the world trying to catch her, but she would always get away. I fought through many skilled warriors in Karateka, only to have my ass handed to me by the damned DOOR near the end. I also fell in love with transforming robots with Thexder the Hyper Dual Armor.

Since my mom was a teacher at my school I would spend every afternoon playing on the Apple II in her room. I would roam the halls of Chapman Elementary School going door to door asking the other teachers if I could look through their game collections. I learned how to drop blocks and form lines to sweet a Russian midi tune, one that is now world famous. I was disturbed by my bloody deaths in Prince of Persia. I was constantly dying of dysentery in Oregon Fucking Trail!

Oh my early forays into the world of gaming were perilous and I would often meet a terrible, disgraceful death. But, I had so much damned fun doing so I decided I wanted to play more. I would come back time and time again, like a moth to flame.

I had no idea what amazing things the future would bring.
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