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Also, Sniper. New design! fem-toid returns! (let me know what you think).

Shes Hot, Shes a robot and this time she got a fucking big gun!

another new design,the idea here was taken from my insane love of unreal tournement and my insane love for the sniper rifle (as most people in stickam will know, even more so dyslixec!)

thanks to CJPkillr, EDW, [Blank} and electro lemon (hes such a cutie)for having a look at this before i posted it, again guys, im not an artist or a graphic designer. my photoshops skills ar fucking disgracful!!! so i am aware this isn't the same kind of quality you get from other dtoid community members.

but none the less, enojy! Fem-toid Also, sniper!

full size version is here... http://img372.imageshack.us/img372/7848/alsosniperkh1.jpg
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