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RetroforceGO! Videos Now on Youtube


Uh...Hi guys! It's been...a while. All right enough of this idle chitty chat. What you see above are the RetroforceGO! videos I did circa 2009 for funsies based on an amazing podcast that helped me learn more about the games I missedout on with this hobby growing up. They were originally uploaded to GameTrailers, but (as I seem to have found out through a quick google search) they have been retired and all the hard work people uploaded to their site over the years is now removed from the world wide web.

So I dug out a dusty old hard drive and found these vids and got a bit nostalgic. God, I'm getting old.

Originally I started doing these videos because I was interested in the games I didn't really know about as a kid. Now the gaming community is much larger and information for it is everywhere. At the time though, this was a way for me to better understand this hobby that I enjoyed.

Since I'm not much of a regular around here these days and I barely get around to enough games to talk about them, consider this the best Christmas present I can afford to give you this year. It's something the old generation can appreciate and the new generation can look back on. Or nobody will care and that's fine too. Just have a happy holidays. If you see any ads on the vids, I apologize. I didn't monotize them so blame some bot or whatever it is that makes this youtube stuff works. 

The videos are of terribly low quality because back in the day youtube had like 10 minute length limits for little people like me and as a guy editing an up to 2 hour podcast into video format, I stuck with Gametrailers who only had a file size quota. So these are really tiny videos from a time long forgotten where clouds were only in the sky and memory was scarce. There was also another episode that I had finished, but my laptop died and now all I have left are the files I accumulated for Episode 67. I doubt I will come back and repurpose them back into anything as I'm sure this ship has sailed. This is why you always backup your work kids! Also, it seems I don't have the E3 episode (number 92) so I guess tragically it has been lost to the ages (or just .mp3 form). Chad's ridiculous sweater will be left underappreciated.

Anywho, from an old mana to the people of Destructoid: here's some crap you probably don't want. Merry Christmas, Happy Hannukah, Feliz Kwanzaa, etc, etc. Just have a good time and snuggle up with some good games.

Episode 27 Download (Youtube Link)

Episode 32 Download (Youtube Link)

Episode 34 Download (Youtube Link)

Episode 36 Download (Youtube Link)

Episode 60 Download (Youtube Link)

Episode 61 Download (Youtube Link)

Episode 63 Download (Youtube Link)

Episode 65 Download (Youtube Link)

Episode 68 Download (Youtube Link)


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