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I Did it Mum! - from the makers of Cooking Mama

From 505 Games, the people who brought you Cooking Mama, comes I Did it Mum! - Boy and Girl edition.

There are so many things wrong with this game. First off, "the boy version [features] games like “toy train” or “drive the car”, and the girl version [offers] games like “colour the animals” or “little kitchen”.

Can't boys colour the animals? Sorry Jimmy, you can't play colour the kitty - that's for girls. You have to colour the crappy looking Godzilla rip-off. A silly point perhaps, but with gaming a traditionally male activity (bar a few key titles), segregation at an early age should be discouraged.

Next point."I Did It Mum offers simple but fun challenges for this age group, which they can enjoy completing with a parent. Additional feature allowing a voice recording option for Mum to encourage their child when completing the mini games."

In other words, we know you don't really want to play with your kids, or even really parent them, so check out this new babysitting toy. You can even record your voice so the kids don't notice when you dump them somewhere! Again, parents should be encouraged to take in interest in the games their children are playing - that way I get to play Manhunt 2, whilst making sure little Jimmy doesn't.

Finally, don't dad's get a look in? I guess then the game would have to be called "I Did it Dad! Well Done Jimmy, Go Tell Your Mother So I Can Watch The Football", which doesn't roll off the tongue so well.

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