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You asked me anything, I answered everything


Let's face it: we all react to the holidays differently. The holidays for me are hard since I work in retail, and this time around I've been having a tough time trying to bring content back to you guys in between retail work, extra work on food delivery, and sleeping. So I just wanted to get an idea out quick and I know if there's anything the community loves more than cat girls, it's getting to know each other.

So I simply said AMA, and people had questions. So here are the answers, just to prove to myself that I can.   Robosquid asked: Why did my father leave us?   Mike's right here.

Vxxy asks: What is your name?

Marcel Hoang

What is your quest?

To live a quiet life

Chicken or Ham?

Chicken, especially fried.

What have you been playing lately?

Pokémon Moon. I've finished the quest and am currently training a battle competent team.

How are you doing?

Thinking about pedestrian, retail work depresses me. I've rectified it by working for Postmates to make extra money but it just means less time for me personally.

Last movie to make you cry or have a big emotional reaction?

I can't remember the one time I remember an emotional reaction, what movie it was. But I did just get back from watching Moana and really liked the female lead.



Bromega Supreme asks: Are you related to Strider Hiryu?

He's a role model.

Goofier Brute inquires:  What's the best Pokemon, and why is it Greninja?

Speed and power. It's always speed and power, but speed is the most important and Greninja has it in spades.

What is love?

Someone who understands all your dumbass flaws. I know I do.

What's the one game you could experience for the first time?

Shadow of the Colossus probably.

Agent9 wonders out loud: why do I wake up in my bed when I've been awake all day.

In my experience, it's to use the restroom.

ZombZ simply must know: Which Dtoider would you turn into a billionaire if you could?

Mike, he works a tough job but deserves more for his effort.

If you were forced to do it anyway, which pokemon except Gardevoir would you make sweet and tender love to?

You thought Gardevoir would be an effective clause but Ditto could transform into Emma Watson.

What's the weirdest dream you can remember?

A fish taco came to life and started chasing me menacingly.    


Wes has nothing better to do so: What's your middle name?

Asians don't typically get middle names.

Who was your first crush?

A Filipino girl in elementary school.

What's your favorite adult beverage?

The Adult Chocolate Milk (involves things like Bailey's, vodka, and chocolate milk)

Have you ever been embarrassed for liking video games?

I have no shame.

SrChurros posits: Favorite Monster Hunter monster?

Brachydios. His music is one of my favs and its aggressive disposition is always exciting. I also miss Raging Brachydios from 4U but can settle on the variant in Generations. Seregios is a close second.

Favorite Pocket Monster monster?

A tie between Aggron and Metagross.

Perro asks for nudes: nudes now pls.

They're not free.    


DeadMoon has a childlike wonder: Where did you get your Mario hat? (IT'S [email protected]%KING AWESOME!!!)

It was from Club Nintendo's first platinum members annual rewards. You know, back when we had to fill out surveys for coins, and if you have a certain amount before the year ends, you have either gold or platinum status and get special thank you gifts? The Mario hat was one of the first platinum gifts.

Will you still be doing any community interviews, or is that all OrochiLeona now? (Either way we win!)

OrochiLeona actually reached out and offered to do them for me since he noticed they were slowing down. I told him about my busy-ness in holiday retail and told him he could have it since he promised lots of availability to put out more.

OrochiLeona brings up the rear: Do you miss working for Uncle Walt?

Honestly it was my favorite job. It's probably the one job I could live with working the rest of my life if I can't find a steady career.

Has married life changed you in any way?

I have more pride in my cooking. Since my wife makes food that's not to my taste, I can make food she likes, and she makes a mess of the kitchen, I have explored my culinary side a lot more since being married and living with her. My in-laws would probably buy my curry and fried rice.

Is there any particular goal you are still determined to achieve?

I'm in a lot of credit card debt since using it to coast by during unemployment. If I can at least get myself out of debt, I'd like to save up for a gaming pc.Favourite way of serving potato? (fries, chips, roasted etc)

Favourite way of serving potato? (fries, chips, roasted etc)

Served as fries; chopped in my square dicer, seasoned with salt, pepper, and chili powder among other styles. I also like garlic powder or curry powder.

Thanks for all the questions. It took my mind off of work for an evening and got me in the mood to compose some more work, like Destructoid's Favorite Alolan Pokémon or Bloggers Wanted December.


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