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So It's Come To This: Probably the world's worst AMA


The AMA culture is one I've not been party to. It is something that was born out of social media and the internet age of "No more secrets" whereas I'm more a "You learn that stuff as we get to know each other" type o' guy. But I also understand that the AMA is a rite of passage for many Destructoid community members (some of you have even done it several times.)

I've never done an AMA, nor did I get a Community Interview. But now, I am the Community Interviewer, and as such will be asking many of you all sorts of questions, prying into your personal lives and illustrious backstories. As such, and seeing as I'm obviously not going to interview myself (I'd end up walking out midway) It's only fair I open up the floor and do my first ever AMA.

You can ask me about anything, single or multiple questions, as serious/silly or dark/light as you like. then I'll pick a bunch out and answer them for you. Please understand* I'm only doing this because I'm about to run through a whole lot of community members and bombard them with questions intricately designed to reveal their darkest secrets (like: 'What's your favourite colour?') and so it's only fair you get the opportunity to do the same to me, that's why, not because I see myself as some kinda bigshot.

So do fire away guys n' gals. It'll be fun.

As an aside, thanks all y'all for your heartfelt support to my Blog yesterday. I had an amazing response to my call for interviewees and, hopefully, I should be getting started very, very soon.

*(Salut, Iwata)

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