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Fight KnifeBoy! Fight!


guacamelee feat axiom verge feat light RPG...

Soooo... Here are a couple of GIF's showing some of the fighting mechanics. 
I'm still working on the controller but wont be satisfied until it feels perfect.
I'm aiming for a demo around March in order to get some feedback regarding the fighting
mechanics since I believe this is one of the most important pillars in the game!

Quick notes:
- basic fighting style is similar to gucacomeele
- each weapon with its own overdrive
- build combos
- hijack behemoths!
- Grab, throw and kick ass!
- Each enemy type drop some loot = sell and buy new items.
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or support my project at https://www.patreon.com/knifeboy for cool perks and weekly Vlogs starting this week!

6 weapons at the moment (4 of them are being shown here)


LOL. The behemoth is naturally slow... Need some tweaking 

Well.. I have no idea why my GIF recorder refuse to record this.
But he is changing his blade 2 times to reach the GUN blade to finish the enemy.

- (>'.')> Indie <('-'<)

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