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I am, in many ways, a walking contradiction. One of the more prominent examples is in my social life. Y'see, I'm consistently upset by people and their actions, I always have been. As such I'm quite introvert and alone, you can count my friends on one hand. Yet, possibly through a constant desire for life to prove me wrong, I am fascinated by people, their diverse personalities and what makes them tick.

I'm usually (foolishly?) quick to open myself up to others, maybe I just haven't been burned enough thanks to my asbestos life-bubble. But often, others seem comfortable enough to open up to me. This is cool, because I genuinely enjoy giving people the spotlight to talk a little about themselves. I find it can make folk pretty happy, some even notice small attributes about their personalities they didn't know before. It can also be good mental therapy and a nice release for pent-up frustrations.

I care about the Destructoid community, I've been a lurker since '09 and a more proactive member for the last few years. As I've written times before, I don't think we're infallible (who is?) and occasionally reactions to the industry drive me up the wall. But you are good, passionate people, and I always find the comments, C-blogs and especially the Qposts a bastion of good humour, controversial opinions, constructive criticism, heartfelt support, sexy chatter and catgirls. Always, always catgirls.

If you're a regular Dtoider, chances are you having many gaming stories to tell, opinions to espouse, life advice to offer and secret sexual desires for me to pry out and then use against/on you. Now, I finally have the means to access all this juicy information..

I have been handed the keys to the Community Interviews account, joining such luminaries as StriderHoang, OpiumHerz and Everydaylegend. With this role, I'm ready and eager to continue the time-honoured tradition of turning the spotlight onto you, the loyal Dtoider. I truly think we are a witty, layered, culturally diverse and controversial bunch. You all deserve a platform to showcase these traits, and I wanna be the microphone you gently caress whilst you do.

Like a new Doctor Who, James Bond, or some third example, I'm hoping to uphold the traditions of past whilst adding my own personal/perverted style to the deal. I'm really looking forward to the opportunity to sit and chat with you beautiful people. I already have some initial victi interviewees in mind, and I'm hoping to get this train a-rollin' real soon. Thankyou to StriderHoang for his wonderful interviews this year, and for trusting me to follow in his stead. I hope to do him, all Destructoid staff, and the entire community proud.

If you would like to offer yourself up for sacrifice, or nominate others you'd like to hear from, please comment below (include textchat methods you have access to: Skype, AiM, Steam etc) I'll reach out to you with a PM and we can arrange a hook-up at a convenient time. Then we'll casually put the world to rights It'll be fun and sexy It'll be fun. Soon afterward, your words will be immortalised (with some garish pictures) for all and sundry to read, muse over, and quote out of context.

Thanks for reading guys n' gals. All jests aside, I'm really proud of this role and I'm supah-excited to chat with y'all in a whole new context.
To quote my predecessor: "I look forward to seeing how this all crashes and burns"

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