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KnifeBoy: Fight the System!


In this post I will talk about the fighting and movement mechanics!

The enemies can take more than one hit! Unlike Super Mario and other 2D plaformers, in this game, each encounter looks more like a short Street Fighter-fight. This means that in order to take an enemy down, you'll have to learn how to keep that combo alive. 
Weapons: Each enemy has its weakness. Swap weapons in order to defeat the enemy quicker. Just like in FFX you'll learn what attack works best for each enemy-type. Each weapon also have its own overdrive. Here you see the "Normal Knife" overdrive. I also post a screenshoot, due to the poor quality of the GIF. Keep in mind its still "Work in progress" and we are currently trying to nail the gameplay and fighting mechanics. It's a little bit floaty at the moment ^^



Movements: In order to advance, you'll have to make it through some tough parkcore areas, where you'll have to manage your stamina in order to stay alive. There are also areas where you can choose a path. Each path with its own outcome. Be sneaky, be safe or jump right into it - Knifehead first! As shown in this low quality GIF (sorry) you can see KnifeBoy pulling of some of his moves. There is an additional 3 moves not shown here - one of which is a secret for now. 




Next week I will talk about Enemies and what type of enemies you can expect!
Here is a sneak-peak from one of the MonsterHunter-ish-SideQuests. 
You pick up these SideQuest ala GTA style. From a traditional phone booth ;)



I'm also working on a trailer. Waiting for my friend to finish the soundtrack so it might be ready next month :)

- (>'.')> Indie <('-'<)

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