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KnifeBoy: The HUB - Collectibles, SideQuests, Trophies/Ach


The Hub - a place to hang out with the locals, view your collectibles, trophies/achievements, grab a sidequest... Or just take a break from the outside world and enjoy tonights performance.

Here are some pictures of the "Day&Night" mechanic and hopefully it gives you an idea what we are trying to achieve here. During Night, enemies are stronger and you can access places you wouldn't normally do. The Hub is a place you want to make sure to return to. Here you can read comic books (collectibles), view your progress, accept MonsterHunter-ish-SideQuests and check your IN-GAME (?!?!) trophies/achievements.

The Hub: Night time

The Hub: Day time

We're trying to give TwinPeaks (hometown) a lively atmosphere and a place to kick back and relax.
Feel free to ask questions about the game!

Twin Peaks: Go up!

- (>'.')> Indie <('-'<)

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