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KnifeBoy: DevDiary #1


These early hours, 5am to 9am, is when I'm working on a project I would like to call KnifeBoy: a 2D MetroidVania game heavily inspired by Guacamelee, Axiom Verge and Dark Souls, spiced with some Light-RPG goodness and humor, set in an "Early Age Steampunk-Universe" with an unique graphical design.

Mmmm. As I'm looking back at that paragraph I wonder:
How to pitch this game to someone I never met before?
Without showing a single screen-shoot or trailer, its a hard sell.
I met an old friend a few days ago and showed her some gameplay-footage I recorded with my phone.
"Woow, Looks great!... But what kind of game is it?"
Granted, she is not a Gamer, but a fashion designer here in Tokyo - probably as far from a Gamer as you can be. So I replied: "It's like a Mario game... For grownups."
"Ahh, I see" she replied. 

So here I am... Thinking... How important is it to "categorize" our games?
I look at my little baby (KnifeBoy) as the end result of an orgie party hosted by Samus Aran and Simon Belmont, participated by Juan, Zelda, Cloud, Nathan Drake and some uninvited internet trolls...Ughh... What a mess... 

Is there a category for "Something old, Something new, Something borrowed, Something unique"?
Whether its music, film or games, Can't a creation just be what it is?
Anyway, these are my current thoughts as I'm pushing forward in the development of KnifeBoy.
Thanks for reading!

Title Screen

The Lost Woods... What what? Word on the street is that BigFoot lurks here...

Day/Night Cycle... Some levels are only available at night... Take a nap and get back out there!

Mountain Of Doom... King Toad lives here... He's not so keen to the

Read comic for free over at www.knifeboy.org

- (>'.')> Indie <('-'<)

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