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T-shirt design completed! also cocks, scones and loli (take the time 'effing look would ya?!) *now with less epic 360 fail*

well here you go! phist's also, scones tsihrt, and a Dtoid also, cocks design!

i will start by saying this, i am definatly not a graphic designer, artisit or anything related to creativity at all, i can only use photoshop in the most simple of ways! so im sorry if the quality is totaly sucky, but thiers nothing i can do about it! deal with it!

so Phist: while your off at PAX, i hope your thinking of meeeeee~

and for everyone else: btw i've tried to make it look like a 360 that shes holding, but i think its epic fail >_<

hope you like 'em!!
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