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Then and Now: Final Fantasy VII and Me


When I was young, I was never interested in vdeo games, I preferred to read books on natural disasters and play outside with the other children. My father on the other hand has always been big into video games dating back to the Magnovox Odyssey and Pong, he also bought a NES when it came out. So of course he would buy a PS console, and the biggest game of the time Final Fantasy VII. At the time I had little interest in the game, hell I didn't even know what the name of the game was until much later in my life, but it did leave a lastng impact on it. I didn't much care for the game at the time becuase of it's turn based combat system, I hated how slow the game was, so I wouldn't pay too much attention to the game when my father was playing it. What gave me the lasting impact was two cut scenes in the game, the one where Aerith dies and the one where Weapon attacks the naval base allowing Tifa to escape from the gas chamber. those two scenes inspired me greatly, and has shaped not only my gaming habbits, but me as a person. Later on in my life I managed a chance encounter with a kid at school who owned a game called FFVII and I had heard that it was a fantastic game, so I convinced him to trade my copy of X-men Legends II Apocalypse for the Xbox for FFVII. I fell in love with everything about the game, and I found out that it was the game that had such a huge impact on my life when I saw the famouse death scene, I was so happy to have finally found it. So when they formally announced that FFVII was going to be remade I got really excited, I wanted to return to the world of Gaia, I wanted to rexperience the battle system and all of the special moments of the game, but improved withbetter graphics and an improved ATB system. my excitement died as soon as i saw all of the new details for the game, the multiple parts, the action battle system, etc. So I am incredibly dissapointed with the direction the game is shaping up to be, and I probably won't buy the game anytime soon, but the old memories are still there, and I still love turn based games, that is all that matters in the end.

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