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HD-DVD just won cause...

A certain TV series is coming out DVD next week that will rock your face. Not only on DVD but HD-DVD. How many TV series do you know that are on the HD release list? So what series is this? No, it's not Battlestar Galactica and it isn't Scrubs. It is none other than...

Maybe this is news to you, but I was not aware of this. Sure the finale was a total suckfest that left you with the feeling that you have after you made out with Snaileb's mom but there are loads of extras and next season will hopefully better.

IGN posted a review of this HD-DVD set it got an 9 out of 10. Not bad, not bad at all. But it requires you to dish out $100 for this series. That is a big pricey, especially when I have most of it on disc already. Shhhhhhhhhhh!

Anyhow, if you haven't seen this series buy it and watch it! If you have seen it, rent it or watch the favorite episodes (like the one in the future, 5 Years Gone). I will probably do just that or buy the HD-DVD set. Now, if only I had an HD-DVD player and a HDTV.

PS: Snaileb's mom has got it going on!
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