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Going over to the darkside - should I get a 360?

I've just played the Bioshock demo on my ageing PC, and now the ugly question rears its head...should I buy an Xbox 360?

When I bought this PC, the plan was to continuously upgrade it. It has had a new GPU, and more RAM, as well as a shiny LED fan that I got for a quid off eBay. Its current spec of an AMD XP 3000+, 6600GT and 1GB RAM just doesn't cut the mustard anymore.

To be honest, I can't even believe I'm even considering this. I've been a die-hard PC gamer since god knows when, but then I started playing a friend's Gamecube. Shortly after, Nintendo came out with the Wii, and I just had to have one.

Now, I'm looking at my ageing PC and wondering if it is even possible to upgrade any more. The motherboard takes AGP rather than PCI-E, so I'm limited in what GPUs I can get, and I probably can't get a processor for it either. So, we're looking at a whole new PC - probably 700 minimum.

But hang on. I can get an Xbox 360 for 230. Here in lies the problem. So, I looked at the pros and cons:


1. It's cheaper. Even with more expensive games, its still cheaper.
2. All Xbox 360 games will run on it. If I get a new PC, it will still need upgrading.
3. Whilst you don't have mouse and keyboard precision, I admit gaming on the sofa is a lot more comfortable.
4. What seems to be an awesome online system in Xbox Live.


1. 60 for wireless, and then another 40/year for a decent online service? That's pricey. Is there anyway to do wireless cheaper?
2. I fucking hate Halo, and its control scheme. The only FPS I can play on console are Goldeneye 64 and Metroid Prime. Does Bioshock and the like use the same control scheme as Halo? Does it become easier, once you are used to it?
3. Do I really need two consoles? I have a DS as well...but who am I kidding. I'm a gamer, of course I do.
4. I don't have an HDTV, and won't any time soon. Does this matter?

So, at the moment I'm looking at getting a Premium with Gears of War, Crackdown and Forza 2 for 280 (. Sell Forza 2 for ~25 because I hate racing games, and buy Bioshock for 40 for a grand total of 295. I might hold off on getting Live for a bit - can you do that? Does it save all your Achievements and what-have-you's until you connect? I'd hope so.

However, my mind is still not made up, so I ask you, Dtoiders, to convince me or otherwise that I need a 360. Welcome to the darkside.
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