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king3vbo's Concert Review - Oreskaband


Yesterday was the Warped Tour show in Portland, OR, and I was there, as I have been annually for the past 4 years. There were quite a few sweet bands playing, but the band I was most excited to see was Oreskaband.

Oreskaband is a Japanese ska band from Osaka. They are made up of 6 Japanese high school girls that, well, play ska. You could say that their claim to fame is that they have two of their songs in anime: Pinnochio in Naruto, and 20 Tips (Tsumasaki) in Bleach.

Anyways, so I went to Warped Tour mainly to see Oreskaband. They were playing on one of the smaller stages, and as such I was able to get right up to the front of the stage and be about 10 feet from the band. The first thing you notice about Oreskaband is that they put on an incredibly entertaining show. The horn players dance around, the whole band really gets into the music, and they encourage the crowd to skank along with the band. They are also amazing musicians, especially Tomi, the bass player. She has INCREDIBLE bass skills, and laid down some seriously technical bass lines. Their whole set was incredibly fun, and much skanking was had by all. They actually drew quite a large crowd for the small stage that they were playing on. In face, as far as I could tell, they drew the biggest crowd out of any of the small stage bands, and by the second song, the whole crowd was skanking, cheering, and having a great time!

After the show, they were more than happy to meet with the people that had watched them play. They were selling cds, and so I bought one, and asked them to sign it. They were all really excited that my friends and I liked them so much, and they were more than happy to sign my cd, and my friend Darren's arm.... if he ever emails me the pic I will update with it, its pretty sweet looking.

So if you are interested in Oreskaband, you can check them out at their website. Their CD is available for purchase on iTunes, and you can check out their myspace here

I've included a couple of youtube vids of them for your viewing pleasure as well :D

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